In Living Color Returns To Television: What Do You Do With The Crayons After The Coloring Book Has Finished Being Colored?

I was overjoyed to find out that an old favorite television program of mine from back in the day was returning; In Living Color!

Now that was some program! I can remember everyone made a point of making sure to be home when it was time for In Living Color to come on!

The streets would literally be empty!

It was that good.

It featured some cutting edge skits and a talent pool that was second to none. As the success of the cast grew even after the show was taken off of the air sometime in 1994 (It premiered in 1990), it was a testimony to how jam packed it was with talent because it launched some pretty impressive careers.

These are undeniable facts but after my intense bout of reminiscing came to a halt, I realized that In Living Color had the impact that it did at that time because the world was such a different place than it is now even though it was on the air just twenty short years ago.

But how would this milestone of a program fare in today’s larger than life glossed over entertainment atmosphere where borderline porn style reality television shows are the norm.

What was cutting edge during the early 90’s just might be considered material that would earn a PG-13 rating today.

Would I enjoy the show if it were on today? Of course I would, because it was broadcast during a golden time in my life but would it survive the shark infested waters of the television rating wars if it were cast out into the fray to be dissected and exposed by today’s numbers conscious promotion hungry executives?

Probably not.

What we have to understand is that the mindset of the world today is so desensitized because of the ever increasing filthy brand of what they now call entertainment that they probably couldn’t tell real talent and quality material if they had it staring them in the face!

You see, while many of us “older folks” would enjoy a rehash of the style of the original shows, the blast to the younger generation would be mild at best and they would most likely reject it as being outdated and “corny.”

But can you blame them?

When we were much younger we didn’t want to have anything to do with those “old peoples” style of dressing, music or anything that wasn’t ours so why should we think that they would embrace something from back in the day that tickled our fancy?

But good quality material shouldn’t have an expiration date on it and those youngsters who may have been toddlers when the original show was on should have no problem embracing the timelessness of their comedy. Heck, it shouldn’t be that hard to do because when you look back at that time period of the early nineties I don’t think anyone who has lived through that time period would argue with me when I say that it had to be one of the sweetest times of the last twenty years.

Since the show was based and sauteed in Hip Hop Culture to the bone, it had to be a hit because Hip Hop music was at its apex at that time when you really look back at it! But so much has been watered down since then and a newer version of in Living Color would have to take into account the time that we are living in and adjust their creative resources effectively in order to live up to the standard of the quality that they put out at the time. As a matter of fact, I would say that they would have to go beyond what they’ve accomplished because the expectations would be extremely high.

…….and if they find themselves like the crayons that have outlived their usefulness because the coloring book has finished being colored, then what do they do to out themselves?

But this is really an opportunity to make a splash and a statement to the executives who are behind what stays on television and what gets cut. Let’s support it if it’s along the lines of what we knew from the original show. Good thought provoking content can still be informative and funny at the same time. Let me know what you think!

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