In Satans Amusement Park Of Vice & Lust, Which Ride Will Be YOUR Downfall?

Here the chubby little fat man with the devilish look in his eye stood out in front of one of the most anticipated venues every created to snatch souls at wholesale rates – In Satan’s Amusement Park Of Vice & Lust! His job here was to get folks who didn’t know the true value of their salvation to come inside and trade it off for a few quick thrills that they thought would last an eternity!

He screamed out to the masses of people passing by and chuckled to himself how easy it was to get them to abandon their righteous plans that were obedient to God’s will and step “off the path” to indulge in something that has been brewing in the heart secretly for as long as they could remember. Hey! a little ride in the park won’t hurt that bad most think, until they find themselves not being able to leave because of their vices gone wild!

Always remember, it’s easy to enter this amusement park of carnal indulgences, but it is literally impossible to leave! So make sure to keep on walking when you here this voice with the seductive words trying to get you to enter…….

“Hurry ! Hurry! Step right up! This is the highly anticipated opening day of Satan’s Amusement Park of Vice & Lust! We have rides for everyone and if you stay on them long enough you will get a full paid trip to the hottest resort in all of God’s creation where ALL of the party people go…….HELL!

Try your luck everyone, admission is free! The joys may be temporary but the rush of it all will keep you coming back for more! There is no need or pleasure that we will stop you from indulging in! For the men we have “I’m married but can’t stop trying to get all of the booty” ride! I have to say that the lines are quite long on that one but fret not, we already have four more opening shortly to satisfy the need for an increased capacity!

Then we have the “I don’t want to work but need to get over on everyone to get what I want” ride! It’s another surefire thrill as one can indulge in all of their slothful ways without any repercussion from anyone! Try it out!

We have another ride here that I know will attract so many of you…’s the “I am blaming everyone else in the world for my problems and not taken responsibility for my own poor choices” ride1 This one has been known to keep a person locked in for their entire time that they have been to our theme park and rendered them permanently non productive! A Satan favorite!

We have the crack-pipe ride!

The weed ride!

The illiteracy ride!

The “I’m gambling this weeks paycheck and taking a chance in not being able to pay the rent/mortgage” ride!

The obesity ride!

The junk food ride!

The blowjob and pum-pum booty licking ride!

And of course the porno ride!

The “I don’t want no job” ride!

The “I like to pick fights because I am angry at how my life turned out” ride!

And of course, a favorite with politicians and preachers the world over: The “love to live large with other peoples money” ride!


Hurry hurry step right up! The cost of admission (other than selling your soul away to the devil if you don’t leave out of the park before your life is over!) is FREE!”

Amusement Park Crowds

All jokes aside, life IS like an amusement park. There are many rides to explore and to get on. Some of us have rides that we favor more than others. Some rides are not meant for kids or people with weak hearts because it has been proven that they cannot handle the experience of that ride in a safe manner.

But there will always be that one person who feels as though they can get on a ride that was deemed dangerous to their well being and get away with it.

They are masterful in how they lie to themselves and are even more brilliant in their ability to convince others to circumvent the rules.

It never ceases to amaze me how delusional people can be as I observe their behaviors in my personal study of human nature.

While God has given us the ability to think, we have found ways to circumvent such a great gift in order to allow ourselves to indulge in activities that qualify as nothing short of buffoonery.

And I am going to be quite honest in my assessment not only of the human race around me but even of my own denials of the shortcomings that I possess which has enabled me to see the same traits in others.

This is my strength. I’ve found the flaws within myself and quarantined, controlled and mastered it so well and as I begin to banish it over time from my being with God’s help it has allowed me to identify the same traits in others even if they are actually indulging in a completely different vice than the one that I have conquered but the behaviors/manipulations are always the same.

I have also found that it is so much easier to just let that particular vice go than to try to juggle the facade of righteousness while at the same time indulging in those sinfully “sweet” activities that have accrued those frequent flyer sinner miles of the spirit that will put you in the VIP express lane straight to hell!

As mighty as the Creator is, we just KNOW that we can out slick His omnipotent presence and all seeing eye to do what WE want to do while we twist His divine scripture and word around to cover our sins as though our delusional brilliance in the mastery of spoken falsehoods will fool God Himself!

…….are you kidding me?

We want to get on some of the rides that were never meant for us and some of us are not strong enough to be in that demonically infested theme park in the first place!

But we seem to believe so by the way we still attempt to explain away our dual existences whether the outside world catches on to our deceptive ways or not!

Like those particular rides that you loved as a kid in the amusement park, life can offer you many rides that are not good for your eternal salvation but are too dumb to see it most often until its too late!

Let’s take that man who loves the liquor ride…….

A mere breath mint may have fooled his wife to the fact that he is a certified alcoholic when he comes home everyday but that car he smashed up with the eventual “Driving While Intoxicated” charge and subsequent conviction is proof positive that there was a underlying issue with drinking all along.

Who do you think YOU were fooling? Now you want to cry out to God now that you are jammed up in a situation after getting caught! You weren’t paying God any mind before now weren’t you?

You just had to get on that ride ONE time too many!

Some of you women are so hot in the panties and are on fire to be the center of attention to be “adored and pursued by a multitude of men so the house of God and the imagery of being a woman of God puts you in position to “minister” to these sharks in Jesus name so it is easy to lie to yourself as you exchange phone numbers innocently because you both “saw the God in each other” when you damn sure know that you are merely using your so called religion like a strategically used shoehorn to get yourself in to that mans life for the church whore needs that you are driven to satisfy all under the name of the Lord.

…….you might have started out on your knees to pray, but it quickly turned out to being a completely different agenda while on your knees after a while1 What happened to the God in you then?

Now the word is out on you and you wonder why it is so easy to get a man to lay down with you but not one of them ever wanted to stay.

Be real and do what you do but leave God out of your mess!

Your lack of control internally as well as the temporary rush of power that comes from the game of seduction has not only left you lonely, old and used up but has smashed many homes, broken many hearts of (Yes, those men are just as guilty!) innocent wives! What blood is that to have on ones hands as you enter into judgement?

But you couldn’t stay off of a ride that was driven by a tremendous sense of low self esteem.

Now here some of you men are, married with a wonderful wife at home but you just can’t stop “playing the game” out here in the world by acting single and messing around with every female that you can get your hands on, but when your faithful wife comes up with an STD that she could have never gotten because she doesn’t sleep around, here you go looking like a jackass when you come home to find all of your possessions on the curb and a stack of divorce papers shoved in your face to be signed. That big round booty bumper car ride wasn’t such a great ride to get on after all but it’s too late buddy!

You can “Oh God” that woman until the cows come home but if you had submitted to God’s protective and divine laws you would be sitting on top of the world with a happy wife and a beautiful home life to come home to because those hot in the ass opportunistic hoochies out there who blew your mind (And she didn’t only blow your mind!) in the bed (Or the back seat of your car!) have moved on to devour the next willing fool on the merry go round of lust that you thought that you could enjoy riding without ever getting caught!

Merry Go Round

I have personally wasted many years in my own delusions and now as I age and move on into the age range where many people seem to be dropping dead at a faster rate, I can see how blessed I have been to have made it this far but I also see that time is too precious to waste to get caught out there to lose your salvation and eternal life over some fleeting carnal crap that won’t do anything to get you out of the lake of fire.

Imagine that? Imagine the regrets and the overwhelming shock when the realization hits you that hell is real and that you had the chance countless times over to not end up there but here you are entering into a place not for a few moments but for eternity?

Can you even comprehend what eternity is?

It will last a whole lot longer than these fleeting rides that you get on in Satan’s amusement park!

What’s here on this planet in the few years that you are living here that’s  worth giving up eternal life? Trust me, whatever your answer may be to defend the indulgence of your vices it is merely a substitute pleasure to the real thing that God has for you but Satan himself has intercepted your attentions and got to you first to get you caught up in the cheap watered down foolishness that will lead you straight into hell after causing you to spend your entire life chasing after that first sweet rush of sign that you could never seem to experience ever again!

So goes the merry go round of lust!

Let me tell you, while it may be a heck of a rush to get on that ride in Satan’s amusement park, the same pseudo pleasures that you THINK you feel on the way going out is NOT what you will get when you come around! As they say what goes around comes around and when it’s time to pay the piper ALL of us who didn’t have the control to remain obedient to what was right will always come up short!

…….and while it may be YOUR time to leave that park to face your eternal fate, that same very demonic amusement park will continue to chew up and spit out those delusional individuals who feel as though they can get in for a quick thrill and get out without it costing them their salvation.

It gets no sadder than that. Don’t let that be you!

Hurry Hurry! Step right up…….

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