In The Age Of High Tech Surveillance: Are YOU On Someone’s List? – The LanceScurv Show

This show is so much more than surveillance as it is one of the most lethal discussions that have ever been experienced on The LanceScurv Show. Today we spoke on the often silent topic on who are the real chosen people of God. Most are terrified to touch this topic because they are afraid to boldly go there but as far as I see it, the only people who should be in fear are those who will be exposed for pulling off the absolute most blatant form of Identity Theft in history.

Our dear Sister who spoke in this episode put down the facts like know other and did so in a convincing fashion! This conversation is mandatory listening and I do hope that it helps to stimulate and inspiration our people to take the time to study up on who they truly are and to understand why these bloodsuckers don’t want us to wake up because when we are their time of rule is over!

In The Age Of High Tech Surveillance: Are YOU On Someone's List? - The LanceScurv Show

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