In This Life Even The Best Of Us Can Take A Fall!

While taking a long ride along the bike trail earlier today, I was humbled by the forces of gravity once again and was reminded that even I, after 44 years of knowing how to ride a bicycle (I learned at 4 years old) can also take a fall.

Being the deep thinker that I am, I couldn’t help but put my “spill” into a deeper philosophical context by seeing the beauty of my fall. It hit me that no matter how advanced or how “high” of a pinnacle that we reach in the different categories in our life that we can fall all the way down to levels that we never thought we could reach!

No matter how secure you may feel in your job, in your relationship or in your financial situation, it can all come tumbling down in a twinkling of an eye! Not to be negative but I say all of these things to remind everyone to always stay on point. Always know that NO ONE is exempt from paying the consequences from breaking the rules of what got you into your success in the first place!

Keep your life air tight and do the things that will insure that you never take that fall that really could have been prevented. Hey, I wouldn’t have fallen if my mind didn’t drift away from keeping myself upright on that bike today! LOL!

I’m okay, I didn’t get any injuries as you can see but it was a terrific wake up call! Maybe next time I won’t be so blessed!

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