Inauguration 2013: Why President Obama’s Words Should Inspire Us!

What an inspiration the President is! We must look at his words on a human level aside from all things political! But the sad part is that many won’t because of their narrow mindedness but we who understand the vision must continue to forge forward regardless…….

Those were a few of the words that I shared on several social media platforms as I watched and enjoyed the Presidential Inauguration of President Barack Obama on this beautiful historic day.

It was a wonderful ceremony that captivated any other that I have ever had the opportunity to watch because not only my broader awareness of the things in the world, but because of where we find ourselves in history with the unique challenges we have staring us in our collective faces in such an urgent manner.

Presidential Inauguration

Sure, as citizens of this country and human beings in this world, we will probably always have differences in philosophy and viewpoints, but we have to understand that whatever decisions are made politically will affect us all no matter how we feel.

Politics is merely one of the vehicles that will help us to ascend to a better world as we must digest the fact that we have more power than we think we have. Too many of us underestimate our influence on those around us and therefore vaporize the importance of our unique positions granted to us.

Too many of us get caught up in the hair splitting on the issues and lose our vision and realization that we all breath the same air and drink from the same cup of water when it comes down to it. Death comes for everyone so therefore we need to make better use of our time while on this earth to improve our condition by submitting to the divine law of the Creator Himself.


So when we feel the temptation to get caught up in the minute arguments that can be so draining to our psyche, take a step back and ask yourself will this make the world a better place and will it have a long term effect to the benefit of all who are near and dear to your life. If the answer is no, than one needs to retract from the foolish bickering and move on to something that is of a positive substance.

This doesn’t merely stand for the topic of politics, but for the total range of the human condition as we need to know that like the President’s second term, time is limited. And just like President Obama’s sense of urgency to firmly face the issues that he intends to rectify in his presidency, we need to know that OUR time is limited and we need to face our internal issues dead on as though our life on earth and eternally depends on it because it DOES!

Biden & Barack

In my conversation last night with my dear friend Rafeal Mack, we spoke on the need to cut out all things trivial to focus on what was really important because the direction of our souls are at stake and to breeze through life without being aware of the obvious puts us in jeopardy for an eternity of damnation.

So our concern for the world that we leave to our children should be of the utmost importance because it will set the tone and pace for how they live their lives and therefore giving them a better shot at developing into the decent hard working God fearing individuals that all parents desire their children to become.

So in this second term of our President, know that he must make decisions that won’t always resonate with our own individual perspectives but are probably best for the entire country. Let us not look for a reason to knock the man on a personal level when it is the American way to be allowed to debate and disagree and even vote against a policy that you might not agree with. Only an immature insecure person will run to purchase another gun when in fact the process of government is more effective if only we all get out to make the changes necessary by presenting yourself with intelligent dialogue to express your distaste. Another weapon is not able to bring about that change.

Before I sign off I have to say that out of all of the words spoken today by the president and the various speakers, the most impressive things that struck my subconscious and conscious mind was how beautifully the Obamas are as a family and how dignified and lady-like Michelle and Barack Obama’s daughters are growing. This is one example that we all must heed because while they may have some of the perks that come with being the first family, the fact of the matter is that their lives are at risk for all types of attacks that threaten their lives every single day not only from any foreign threat, but also from the in house terrorists that possess the mind of a racist.


So no matter what you may feel about the political stance on the policies of the President, you must give the man his props for being a wonderful father, a loving faithful husband and one who carries himself with a pristine dignity that literally demands respect from all! This I must say makes me proud and is a powerful weapon to destroy all of the negative imagery of Black men that has been broadcast all over the world for decades portraying us as womanizers, thugs, criminals and lazy men who are driven only by the hedonistic indulgences of a pleasure seeking non productive lifestyle.

So when you are challenged and faced with the usual put downs that come with the support of our President and especially with the assumed support that many feel we blindly have for him merely because of the color of our skin, point out the fact that no matter where anyone stands on his policies, he and Michelle are to be applauded for succeeding as parents where most of his naysayers have actually failed.

Their daughters are only allowed to watch two hours of television a week and are NOT allowed to have a Facebook page or any other social media indulgences.

What does that tell you?


It says a whole lot. So if anyone in this day and age needs to be emulated for their character and intangible attributes as a human being, it is THAT man who spoke to the nation today who is thoroughly loved by his family, that I will always have hope for humanity no matter how much negativity lurks around every possible corner in the world because if Barack Obama can do it, YOU can do it too if you set your mind to your goals and work selflessly to them to benefit those around you with them once finally reached.

Service to your world is where it’s at in my mind because NO ONE ever was revered and remembered because of how much wealth they’ve accumulated or how greedy they were. It’s time to move forward as a nation and it’s time to look within and be better as a person THIS year than you were this time last year.

We can do it for ourselves, our family, our community, country and WORLD!

…….let’s get busy and be inspired!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Extremely Inspired Brother,


P.S: Below is the entire Presidential Inauguration 2013 Ceremony for your enjoyment!

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