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The pain of being an incest victim can manifest like the physical pain that erupts when we have a condition that we are initially unaware of…….

When we feel a physical pain the first thing that most people do is to attempt to grab some type of over the counter medication in order to make that pain go away so that we can go on with our lives without the inconvenience of having to deal with something that will stop the movement of our busy schedules.

Pain is not a popular indulgence yet most do not understand that the signals of discomfort are indicative of an even deeper problem but because we don’t embrace it we fall deeper into the deterioration of neglect.

The pain killer never cures the underlying issue but we lie to ourselves into believing that the patch is the best cure.

After a time when the signals of pain haven’t worked, the ignored condition has no choice but to escalate to the next level in the physical cries for help meaning that severe breakdown is inevitable.

The resulting sorry state of affairs is so sad because at the end of it all you realize that this situation actually amplified from the denial of its existence in the first place.

This unfortunately is the universal principle that manifests in all incidents of denial.

It matters not if it’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, we have ailments that we need to face whether they are self induced or something beyond our control.

Speaking of which – the subject matter of this being what it is – we have many would simply do not face the pain and confusion of either being an incest victim or being in the inner circle of the family and friends who all secretly hold that dreaded secret from within.


Look, I understand that this is not an easy thing to deal with and it can appear that the best way to deal with it is to not acknowledge it at all.

But the wounds of the heart cannot be dealt with if one never acknowledges that they exist in the first place and this is why we have so many individuals who actually hold on to the toxicity that they aren’t at fault for creating all because of that secret monster in the family that cared not for their loved one in a decent righteous manner.

So now we have the reactionary personal issues that cause us to deal in our present life in a very dysfunctional way because of what we were to afraid to declare to our families because we possibly didn’t want to be labeled as the trouble maker or the one to burst the illusion of the picture perfect family that everyone thought you all were.

While every situation is different, the feelings that it imposes on an incest victim will usually be the same.

The sense of guilt, shame, suicidal thoughts, violation, outbursts of anger and depression are simply a few of the symptoms that one will feel in a very intense manner if not dealt with in a professional manner.

Little girls and little boys whose trust in a relative has been broken will usually feel that it is their fault when they look back on what happened and many times turn their anger in on themselves by self medicating to get away from the pain of what happened or acting out on someone else who is helpless the acts that were inflicted on them which only further causes a ripple effect of pain to another innocent victim.


Many times the Mother will know that there is an in-house predator and will shut down any attempts of that child makes to subtly speak on what they have to endure behind the locked doors of their room when the uninvited guest chooses to visit.

The uninvited guest can be that father, mother, brother or sister. It could be that church deacon or pastor who the entire family trusts and would never investigate any wayward allegations against them no matter how obvious the evidence is against them.

Many families refuse to break down the illusion of a fairytale existence that has taken so long to cultivate and protect to risk the image simply because you “just can’t let go of the past!”

Those words can sting in the worst way when you approach one who is supposed to be an emotional safe-haven for you as there is no statute of limitations for the sexual violations that come with the mental, physical and spiritual rape of an in-house predator who is supposed to be family to you!

I would like for us to discuss this topic in a very real and therapeutic way to help bring an awareness and closer to those who have learned to walk with the brightest smiles on their face during the day while their hearts are bleeding profusely internally in a way that the world could never understand unless they have been through it.

If you were an incest victim or knows someone who was, we would love to hear from you in order to understand how you’ve dealt with it or if you need to speak with others who have been that can embrace you from a time to make you know that you are not all alone…….

This just might be the program that will finally unlock you from the chains or suffering that you have known ever since that unfortunate time period came to pass…….

Time: Friday November 22, 2013 @ 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

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