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Juggling ones life should not be the obstacle that most make it out to be. We all can attain more efficiency in our daily lives no matter HOW many challenges we possess. The key is to focus on one task at a time. We sometimes lose our mental and emotional control when we look at the seemingly intimidating “overall” tasks at hand instead of dealing with one small part at a time.

In this day and age, we are pushed more so than ever before to accomplish an ever increasing amount of chores with an ever diminishing time count. We have microwave ovens that can cook a meal in record time. We do not have the luxury of “getting away from it all” anymore because with cell phones we can be reached anywhere/ anytime. We do not even “need” a social life anymore because computers have replaced human contact from the privacy of our homes….and for some it has become our only sexual outlet ( Use your imagination!), making great sense to some who fear the lying, hypocrisy, diseases and wasted time that many modern day relationships can bring.

Women have all types off phallic gadgets and “bullets” that can outlast the natural stamina of a man even though it can never replace the warmth, the perception of security and the joy of mutual romantic exchange and caring that go along with a beautiful balanced healthy relationship. Even though our society has evolved as such doesn’t mean that the human psyche has followed this doomed accelerated pace. We have settled for a substitute world and a cheap replacement existence that does not nourish our souls the way proper living is supposed to.

We as human beings were not made for this style of super “fast forward accomplish everything at all cost no matter the consequences” type of lifestyle. We have more medicated mentally drained people now more than ever before. The media does not show the flip side and results of leaving the “corny” old fashioned way of doing things.

What happened to family time? What happened to having the “luxury” of being bored and having nothing to do? These “down times” are the periods that help to rejuvenate us and replenish the life force that is drained from us in the hectic pace of today’s world. We have increased suicides. We have the all to common event of divorce and family breakups that really affect our children’s perception of what a proper family life is all about. By the time they get to the age of making the decision to have a family, they reject it because all they have known of this precious institution is negative from their lifelong experiences that have more than turned them off to the wonderful possibilities.

How sad.

It is a shame that if we take our time a little more and realize that our way of dealing with life’s challenges has a big effect on the satisfaction that we derive from our lives. There will be times where we feel overwhelmed. There will be times that we just feel like giving up. It’s ok to feel that way.

We need to understand that life can sometimes be like a long tangled phone cord. Some of us begin our lives with a “cord” that possesses not one “knot” at all……but give us a few years of bad decisions and poor choices, our cord will be tangled to the point where it will not be able to “reach” as far as it was originally intended in it’s creation. WE shorten the range of our lives on all levels! Some of us are handed a “cord” that is already tangled very badly, not by our doing but by the decisions of those who are our parents/ guardians/ environment….yet many of those who begin life with the odds against them have the ability to overcome the obstacle of the tangled cord and make things right!

What makes the difference?

Why is it that some can methodically untangle their problems while others freak out at the slightest chance of adversity? I know that after all I have been through in this world and in my life that something special is inside of me that was instilled by my parents even though I am not a perfect person (None of us are!) Realize that even when things seem impossible to overcome….it took time for the situation to “position” you in the place for disaster…..sometimes we live our lives thinking that we are so stable and secure only to find out that it only can take one “minor” negative event to set off a chain reaction that seems to push one into a never ending abyss of hopelessness……this is because you are “rooted” in the wrong things……

If I “root” myself to a weakly planted palm tree and the hurricane comes and blows IT away, then of course I am going right along with it! If I build my house on a poor foundation not thinking of the trials that may come my way down the line, then I will truly find out the strength of my home when the “storms” come.

The ONLY thing in THIS life that will keep you protected from life’s WORST storms and help you to stand totally upright when the winds of negativity try to knock you off you stance of righteousness is the instruction that God gives us to navigate these troubled waters.

Rooting yourself to God in this manner will have you ALWAYS coming out on top! I know this personally as there have been times in my life when I was “written off” and left for “dead” or caught up in a situation from poor decisions where folks who where in close proximity to the situation thought I was “roped off”…….only to have God intervene in a mysterious way freeing me up and making me victorious!

You really find out who is in your corner when those types of troubles come into your life. It is even more satisfying to walk away from those issues intact, victorious with a new lease on life after those who enjoyed the soap opera and fanned the flames of making your life a circus sit there in shock! Only GOD can do this! Trust me! If HE has a plan for your life and talents that he wants to bring out in time,

NO ONE can scheme their way into your life and hijack all of your precious resources for their own benefit. If you don’t understand where I am coming from as you read this, then keep on living this sweet life of yours….you will definitely understand me one day!

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