Is The Institution Of Marriage & Concept Of Family Targeted For Extinction? – The LanceScurv Show

The death of the institution of marriage has been sweeping across the nation in epidemic proportions.

It doesn’t matter what culture, race, country or ethnicity you originate from, in the United States of America it appears that there is a shift toward the preference of not honoring the sanctity of this divine union and structure many feel as though they are better off without it.

Happy Marriage

But why the negative feelings toward something that was supposed to undergird a strong community and support the family structure and is there any correlation between the demise of Marriage and the deterioration of the family?

Many would definitely say that it is, but how has this breakdown reared its ugly head and who is responsible for purposely falling asleep at the wheel to allow this to happen?

Did this just happen by chance?

Who stands to gain if the traditionally strong marriage and solid family structure diminishes from our society and what would our life be without it?

While no one can deny that there is a push to remove the mention and acknowledgment of a supreme being in most government agencies, many just simply wouldn’t believe that their same beloved government could possibly be working covertly against the existence of a strong family structure and the institution of marriage.

Washington D.C. Against Marriage

This forum is open to respectfully hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions in this very pertinent issue as it just may help to open the eyes of many as to what is happening in an ever increasing fashion right under our collective noses without a trace.

Time: Friday June 6, 2014 @ 11:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

Place: The LanceScurv Show <—–Click here at showtime to hear the entire program live on your computer or smartphone!

Call In Number:  760-259-2310  – Call in to listen or join in with your opinions on the discussion. You DO NOT need a computer to participate in the show, all you need is your phone.

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