The internet has unearthed some of the most imbalanced human beings in a very public way to fool many sane people who believe their rhetoric and agenda.

I’m going to flow very deep in this one and want you to try to hang on for the ride because my journeys to the darkest corners of cyberspace have given me a very unique viewpoint that many haven’t experienced.

First off, let me share with you a concept from a conversation that I had with a very close friend of mine – whose name will remain unknown – whose opinion I respect wholeheartedly because of their lifetime dedication to ascending the ranks of the medical field, especially in the mental health area.

She told me that I would be quite surprised to know how many seemingly “normal” professionals – many with enviable measures of personal success – have extreme mental issues that are so far off of the charts that she is surprised that more major incidents of various meltdowns have not transpired in the present day.

Teachers, nurses, religious leaders, politicians, and every conceivable area of expertise that one can imagine all have those who are “on the edge” and really should not be working in the sensitive areas that they happen to occupy.

So what does this have to do with the internet frauds that I spoke about a few sentences back?

Well, if we have extreme mental health issues with the individuals who are really and truly occupying the sensitive areas in society that we can see face to face, what about those who hide under the cover of the internet who have confirmed and unconfirmed mental issues that have access to our minds via the information that they post?

Mental Illness Internet

…….and you thought the Jim Jones massacre was terrible? Think again!

Speaking of Jim Jones, he would have loved to be around in the present day because it would have made his “work” so much easier and his reach that much more extended than he did back in the seventies.

Cyberspace is infested with mentally sick people who are spectacularly articulate, and charismatic and have a way to draw in the masses for their purpose WITHOUT A SHRED OF PROOF that what they proclaim is legitimate and verifiable.

Now to add insult to injury, we have cyber-frauds who are NOT at all articulate or charismatic yet believe that their presence is what prophets are made of and that the world will now change because of their arrival!


These types are a dime a dozen and I would like to share with you a few things that you can look out for to spot these nutcases a little faster so that your world will not be affected by these weirdos.

There are a lot of huge egos online and especially since the Social Media explosion of the last few years the evidence of these narcissistic entities has never been greater!

I have to also state that Social Media platforms like Facebook specialize in setting people up to deal with others in the worst way as every movement that one does is completely transparent.

It’s hard NOT to gain a few stalkers along the way or as in my case, the lurking page watchers who get their feelings hurt when they realize that while I live a real life, their existence is limited to watching what I do as they stay chained to a computer or mobile device going NOWHERE!

Sad but true.

Cyber Stalker Internet

Therefore, it’s these people who watch the sun go up and come down while going through the friend lists of ex-lovers, acquaintances, neighbors, coworkers, and friends that I seriously want to address.

…….because these sad individuals have absolutely no life and feel deep down that THEY should be at the helm of every attention-getting stage, they have decided to set up their illusion of greatness and beckon others by deception to buy into the scam.

These people know that they have nothing to bring to the table of influence in the lives of others but they are determined to attain the accolades of one who has put the time in to reach their level through handwork and a body of work that is theirs and undeniable!

They do not care that their resume and track record in their personal chosen area of deception don’t exist, what matters to them most is that you take them on the face value that they have created for themselves on social media and their self-serving websites and blogs that are created brilliantly for the sole purpose of deceiving your better judgment.

This is why the religious community is BADLY INFESTED by these types!

They know that for the most part when you present yourself in a holy covering muttering the catchphrases that most wouldn’t dare challenge that it is an instant pass into the inner recesses of their lives and pocketbooks!

So when you encounter a so-called spirit filled scripture quoting tongue talking self-proclaimed believer who will most often never claim to be a Pastor outright but some other watered-down term like a prophetess or merely Man or Woman of God, you better not ignore those red flags that are screaming for your attention and get to investigating them IMMEDIATELY!

When you begin to dig deep into finding their footprints in the cyber-world, it will not clarify any aspect of who you thought they were but it will leave you even more confused as to what you’re looking at!

Cyber Fraud Internet Scam

Some will claim that they studied at a nonexistent university or theological seminary, maybe even a real one, but their claim doesn’t always mean it’s true because they know that most people will not challenge a person who speaks with authority and would never think that anyone is brazen enough to lie at such a high level.

Then you have the name droppers, these are the people who feel that if they can convince you of their connection to someone who is a certified star or one who is accomplished in a specific area of accomplishment, they are now “legitimized” in the eyes of the masses.

But this is so easy to do in this modern day of camera phones, Instagram, and Photoshop-doctored photos. It is so easy to take a photo standing next to a star and then upload it for the world to see while claiming that you both are working on some major deal.

Trust me, the fraudulent end of cyberspace and the internet is alive and well, and if you think not then you’ll learn in due time.

I’ve seen many organizations that appear to be something very honorable in their projected intentions but simply are facades to snatch as much money from the naive individuals who believe their tear-jerking introductions.

I’ve seen them all, homeless shelters for battered women, organizations that collect funds for children with cancer, food drives for the elderly that only accept cash donations…….the list goes on. But one way of catching these fakes immediately is that most often they have no physical address from which they operate.

They will give you every social media link, outdated P.O. Boxes and out-of-service telephone numbers, everything to avoid speaking to you face to face or live on the phone about what they do in their daily operations not to mention WHERE their location is!

For all we know these people are strictly a cyber creation so far removed from the actual persons that they are.

But one thing for sure is that their DONATE BUTTON is always fully functional and ready to accept your funds twenty-four hours seven days a week! How’s THAT for credibility?

Internet Scam

But the sad part about this is that so many people get caught up in the hype of what is presented to them online and you can’t help but feel sorry for those naive goodhearted people who give freely of their resources to a deceitful entity or false organization that has no intentions of doing anything good except for themselves.

But it’s not only these shifty fly-by-night organizations that you have to concern yourself with. You also have to deal with the attention whores who simply have to get the attention and center-stage to say pretty much nothing of substance at all.

These types will embarrass themselves just to be heard as they will use social media to live out their preacher fantasies and savior complex.

Again, no concrete body of work behind their passionate words that are plucked out of the sky.

It’s Mental Sickness at its best when you decide to take a journey down the uncharted dark back roads of cyberspace.

The main objective of internet fraud is that they always want something from you, whether it is to dupe you out of your hard-earned finances or to generously fill the gaps in their soul that came from a bad case of daddy-hunger that makes them crave huge amounts of attention.

No matter what it may be that they seek refuge from, the bottom line is that it will be taken by deception and underhanded tactics that are not on the up and up.

Scam Fraud Internet

While this modern-day technology has so many great uses that can advance our lives beyond measure, nothing beats the time-tested age-old method of communicating face to face where we can get to know a person over time up close and personal.

Our natural red flags as well as our spiritual defenses will go up when dealing with someone new in person and we will be less likely to be ripped off unless we are totally smitten by their lies.

Let us learn to temper our enthusiasm with common sense when someone approaches us in cyberspace with something that seems to good to be true.

Usually when it appears too magnificent it most likely is and you will always be left holding the bag in the end trying to figure out how you got caught with your guard down.

Internet Frauds have all of the time to figure out how to crack the code of human nature and none of us are above taking a hit from their well rehearsed scams of deception.

Move carefully, question everything and always keep both eyes wide open!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,




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