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I’m Phyllis Frempong. Fibroid Queen, Speaker, Registered Nurse, Fibroid Awareness Advocate, and Fitness-Yoga Coach.

Welcome to your go-to sisterhood community to enhance your fitness and nutrition goals without diets and quick fix plans. I use an integrative and functional approach to womb wellness that combines yoga, fitness, mindset, and nutrition to achieve ultimate symptom management and alleviate common problems associated with uterine fibroids.

I understand firsthand the pain associated with fibroids. After I realized I had 4 of my own (the largest being almost 9cm), my biggest fear was having to get put on pharmaceutical drugs or going through surgeries as the recurrence of fibroids is high. I embraced the fact that I had other healing necessities to tackle fibroid at the root – and now have successfully dissolved one of my fibroids.

My goal is to be able to help you thrive, no matter what route you decide to take for fibroid treatment. Whether your desires include taking preventative measures, mindset coaching, womb wellness workouts, nutrition plans and guidance, symptom management, or just having a safe space for support and accountability, the Fibroid Queen community was created for YOU.

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Phyllis Frempong

Phyllis Frempong

Phyllis Frempong

Phyllis Frempong


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