I am so annoyed at the recent bombardment of what I feel is propaganda concerning this thing that they’re calling the Monkeypox virus.

It’s I’m seriously surprised that the CDC and the world health organization are not saying that this monkeypox virus originated out of Africa, because the narrative has usually been that Africa is the cause of all things wrong in the world.

The general media has conveyed the message that the primary group of people that are more susceptible to having the monkeypox virus are gay men that have multiple sex partners.

As filthy as that deathstyle is it doesn’t surprise me that they are stating that gay men who have multiple sex partners are the Monkeypox breeding grounds because that is a very filthy and nasty way of life.

In the fact that the LGBTQ community is a small percentage of the overall population yet they could have so much push to be noticed by the masses of society. Yet you hear them crying out the most for attention and the so-called rights that they demand.

It just appears that it is so synchronized that when one major outbreak of a disease begins to fade and here comes another one to rouse up fear in the masses pushed by the so-called mainstream media platforms as well as social media discussions. Despite the famous saying goes, “you have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

We as a people have become so gullible and have forfeited our independent way of thinking only to become subservient zombies for these orchestrated platforms that are executing excellently and in textbook fashion to manifest this thing called mind control over the masses.

Most cannot see that things are going according to plan by those who really and truly pull the strings of how this world is moving. What I mean is that as soon as the World Trade Center towers came down in the 911 attack, immediately we lost the right to privacy in a very well constructed although we never had privacy in America especially as black people. I feel it was basically a 20 year plus plan to slowly morph the world into what is now and yet we have a long way to go to continue changing life on this planet and the attack on all things natural that was formulated long ago before the towers fell.

It first it was herpes simplex, HIV-AIDS, Ebola, Covid-19, and now Monkeypox. That previous list was mentioned off of the top of my head because I believe I missed a few diseases just as there were many more as there will be many more to come.

It is just so hard to put your faith in those who are known to be liars time and time again especially since they have been the certified deceivers of the people portraying thenselves as fair and balanced media.

What’s even more of a challenge is when you spend over two decades of you life attempting to get a targeted people to learn how to think independently of the mass media mind control machine that leaves them in that ever sinking place of death, domination and destruction!

Every man has his limitations, and as I see how many hard-working sincere revolutionary brothers and sisters are working hard for our liberation yet the majority of us seem to not have a clue as to what they’re speaking about has made me pull back because I am about results and solutions. What good is it to throw the hardest punches in a championship boxing match when the majority of those blows never find their target? Just as I am all for aggression but that aggression has to be effective aggression. If what we do as a collective set of individuals who are vibrating higher than most are not effective to reach our community for change then another approach has to be taken.

I heard not too long ago that the best way to influence a people ignorant to what is going on around them is to first save yourself and to allow the consequences of their ignorance bring them to you ( If they could even find you!) once they see that their way of life is not keeping them safe.

So I’m gonna say it now, save you so first and if those we love so much cysts refused to even consider what your sharing then let them find out for themselves what lies ahead.

I’m convinced that the majority of our people are so in love with that one that wants them wiped off the face of the earth that they will swear up and down at the poison offered to their mind body and soul is good for them, then let them continue to enjoy their feast of death.

I am only interested in conversing and working with those of my people who live with purpose and who have a track record of being effective in their high vibrational endeavors, other than that I prefer to stay by myself to live a full life without the gossip and drama.

Thank you all for spending your precious time here with me, and do know that I appreciate your presence here. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below at the bottom of this post and I’ll be sure to reply to keep this conversation going indefinitely.

Peace, Revolution & Righteous Love Always,


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