Introducing: Mut Amon Ra – The LanceScurv Show

Mut Amon Ra is what revolutions are made of.

This Sister is a living dynamo who is totally focused on uplifting her people and being a firebrand in the fight against systematic White Supremacy on a local, national and global level.

Where ever she is needed in the fight she will appear…….no questions asked and ready to add her vast passion to the mix.

If only we had more exceptional Sister/Warriors like her our communities would be a better place.

Not only is Sister Mut Amon Ra not afraid to take her place on the front lines of the battlefield, but she is also a nurturer, a healer, a motivator, a protector and one who doesn’t beat around the issues as she speaks truth boldly to power.

Sister Mut is a textbook example of the power of the Black Woman’s essence when connected to the higher source of spirituality, mental strength and knowledge, emotional balance as well as her physical prowess.

In our conversation you will notice that it is so very easy to become glued to her every word because she speaks from the deepest recesses of her heart in a manner that lets you know that there is no play in her spirit.

One can’t help but think how many men would come back to man their posts in the struggle if they had a woman with the divine qualities of Mut Amon Ra…….

So kick back relax and enjoy a free flowing and passionate conversation between two people who absolutely love who they are as well as their people.

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