CARRIE LUX once again brilliantly shares with us many of the discoveries that she has found throughout her decades of research and hands on experience. She brilliantly opens our eyes to the deceptions that exist front and center hidden in plain sight that many of us accept as normalcy.

Anyone possessing a modicum of modicum of spiritual awareness must understand that there is so much more to this plain of existence that meets the eye. Exposing the deceptions is what our Sister Carrie Lux does so excellently and we thank her for sharing her precious time to enlighten us.

Please share your views on the various topics covered in this video in the comment section. Thank you for being here with us!

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  • jerry mallett says:

    Dear Sir,I have been watching your channel,and your information hit the spot,,I have inventd a board/computer game,and looking for some good brothers,who will endorce it for me,,,,getting it off the ground…it will be a good business deal for everyone….This will be my escape to freedom…

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