A very much suspect story has been circulating on a very suspect website stating that the governments of Iran and Venezuela are planning on GIVING reparations to African Americans for what they’ve suffered in slavery. Amazing story right? I just haven’t seen much traction in the so called mainstream media with this story but it is what it is.

What would be the motivation for these countries to just bust out of nowhere to offer American Blacks up to 600 billion dollars in cash? Is it a way of “one upping” the United States Government in the midst of the ever mounting tensions that they have been experiencing after killing General Qassim Suleimani.

Maybe or maybe not but the fact of the matter remains that too many of us are so gullible to even think that any of these demons would have a kind and just heart to even attempt to right any wrong when you examine their wicked tracks in history! Leave your thoughts in the comment area below if you agree or think any different. Enjoy!

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