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Hip Hop Icon 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy protection this past Monday.

Is 50 Cent really broke or is it just a good business practice executed in the footsteps of people like Donald Trump?

Is this a means to not have to pay out the 5 million dollar judgement against him to Lastonia Leviston?

50 Cent has a track record of being several steps ahead of the game on multiple levels and has been accepted by those in the established financial community as being a crafty cagey businessman.

He has reinvented himself so many times over and always seems to come out on top no matter what kind of battle he is fighting, so why should this be any different?

By on the other hand this brings to mind a statement that I recently hears Dame Dash say in an interview that in the entertainment world, many only appear to be rich and loaded with money when in fact they aren’t!

Does this thought hold true for 50 Cent?

Only time will tell but history tells me that 50 Cent has something very much up his sleeve and in time we all might be surprised!

…….so if you are a 50 Cent hater, don’t get happy just too fast because he specializes in having the last laugh.

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