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Hip Hop Icon 50 Cent filed for bankruptcy protection this past Monday.

Is 50 Cent really broke or is it just a good business practice executed in the footsteps of people like Donald Trump?

Is this a means to not have to pay out the 5 million dollar judgement against him to Lastonia Leviston?

50 Cent has a track record of being several steps ahead of the game on multiple levels and has been accepted by those in the established financial community as being a crafty cagey businessman.

He has reinvented himself so many times over and always seems to come out on top no matter what kind of battle he is fighting, so why should this be any different?

By on the other hand this brings to mind a statement that I recently hears Dame Dash say in an interview that in the entertainment world, many only appear to be rich and loaded with money when in fact they aren’t!

Does this thought hold true for 50 Cent?

Only time will tell but history tells me that 50 Cent has something very much up his sleeve and in time we all might be surprised!

…….so if you are a 50 Cent hater, don’t get happy just too fast because he specializes in having the last laugh.

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  • James F says:

    5k will impact most people’s lives:P

  • Daniel Scott says:

    All in all,I think everyone will agree ” we’d LOVE to be 50 Cent broke!!!!”
    You mean I’m broke but still have a fully stocked private jet??? A big ass
    house AND four sports cars in the drive way??? Let me get that!!!

  • Ivan Mendoza says:

    You did a great analysis!

  • Ms.BlackWallStreet says:

    I don’t think he’s broke. The people who are celebrating are lame and crabs
    in a barrel. When Trump does it, people assume it’s a business strategy. 50
    cent? People automatically assume he was extremely careless with his
    finances. He probably has money stashed away in various off shore accounts.
    Legally, I don’t think you have to report any of it to the court. Mitt
    Romney style…

  • fatgirl160 says:

    Hola Lance! Have you watched Power on Starz yet? 50 Cent executive produces
    and stars in this incredible show. He is as popular as ever due to the
    success of the show, not his rap music. Hope his bankruptcy filing does not
    negatively impact Power.
    Thanks for the video ?

  • BlackThoughtsSurrounded101 says:

    The people who are celebrating 50 Cent filing bankruptcy those individuals
    spend time talking about what he should do with his money. People from all
    walks of life play the keeping up with the jones game bankruptcy is not
    just for entertainers. I don’t think 50 Cent is on the Toni Braxton or MC
    Hammer level when it comes to money problems.

  • Ray Ash says:

    Fuck all the laws that support whores to go get fucked and make money cause
    of a video, wtf is that, why not hang those women and put em behind bars
    let them learn how to become a bit real and have some respect, how about we
    invest that money to sue that bitch whom he screwed and make sure to send
    her to jail— guys guys stay away from all those blonde gold diggers—
    They r like cockroaches— stay away or cover ya identity’- sick
    females—any color or nationality — judgement day will come and every
    dog (women) has her day—why don’t u send investigators to see what that
    filthy bitch does in reality —

    50 cent stay strong and hold on cause they can’t get any close to ya—
    silly laws that encourage losers to corrupt the United States of America

    Change ya laws change it— look close and see what ya created holy
    shitttttt— ??

  • Gatta Harmon says:

    great video

  • Ray Ash says:

    Fuck ya article fuck what ya have to say fag, keep ur opinion to ya self
    loser, u trying to get attention to get some money off the channel u got
    loser— he is free to do as he wishes, even if he wants to shove it up
    someone mayors ass— leave him the fuck alone– fucking white black nutts

  • Cedric Brown says:

    ?we all know that he’s lying how do u spend half a billion dollars during
    the time he owes money

  • 1titans says:

    By filing bankruptcy, he will still have to pay her but he can take damn
    near 20 years to do it

  • DAVIDO17able says:

    I think he is lying about the state of his wealth and will be busted very

  • Jack Gully says:

    He’s not broke she just hiding his assets so he won’t have to pay all that
    money just like Donald Trump and Milton Hershey

  • LanceScurv says:
  • >