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Everybody and their Mama can see that the recent Bill Cosby verdict is somewhat of a sham even if he was guilty of the sin of cheating on his wife. But while that infraction of adultery would be a major crime for a nondescript blue collar gut like yours truly, it is damn near lame in the twisted perverse kinky world of Hollywood that’s not even worthy of a slap on the wrist or even a mention.

The crime committed here is that Bill Cosby is an “arrogant Nigga with Money” who somewhere down the line is paying for his infraction for definitely stepping out of line with those who have afforded him his fame and status.

Did he piss someone off in his desire to purchase NBC and have full control over an entire network that would counteract the perception of Black people as well as an independent platform that wouldn’t be controlled by the fake so called Jews that run the media?

How is it that so many women can come forward all around the same time to claim how traumatized they were all of these years.

I’d like to know what kind of bell went off in their heads to cause them all to come forward in such an aligned manner?

Now don’t get me wrong, any man who is seriously guilty of raping a woman should definitely get punished to the highest letter of the law because you are not onlt taking something that does not belong to you but you are affecting her psyche to the point where she will never ever be “right” for a healthy relationship with a “significant other” without the proper therapy that most never seek out because of the layers of denial and shame.

I’ve made several videos over the years on how I felt about these accusations and I will admit that depending on how I felt at the time with the various individuals stepping forward with their claims, I’ve appeared to contradict myself. But the fact of the matter is these allegations took me on an emotional/mental roller coaster ride that made all prior assessments invalid because of the new findings. It was almost like a kid in the candy store who had a budget of 50 cents to purchase some penny candy (I’m telling my age, penny candy doesn’t exist anymore! LOL!) and continuously changes his mind when he discovers yet another “favorite” type of candy that he overlooked as he approached the check out counter.

…….hey, we’re only human and have all changed our minds at some point!

But I do want to inquire to these so called “victims” from way back in the late 1960’s and 70’s if it was okay to be “raped” by Bill Cosby years ago because he was a Hollywood upstart and most likely wasn’t even worth his first million as opposed to the current time when he is by most standards filthy rich and have so much to gain by rewriting history to claim that a possible consensual tryst was against their will in the “free love let’s get high and have freakish sex” era?

I can hear it now: “Let’s have sex with this man who is going to be famous so that we can claim that he raped us in the future so that we can get rich!”


I mean, these women were THOT’S (Thirsty Hoes Over There) before the term was coined and accepted in the mainstream of today. The only difference between the very public and much applauded decadence of an Amber Rose, Paris Hilton or Kim Kardasian today is that there wasn’t this thing called social media combined with the power of the smartphone to expose what was happening EVEN WORSE behind closed doors in that wontonly wonderful carefree time called the pre-AIDS era. There were absolutely NO diseases out there like there is today that could have killed you or severely impacted your life where a trip to your physician or a pill couldn’t take care of.

As much as I complain about how decadent things are today with the level of promiscuity in the face of the HIV virus and the often forgotten Herpes virus (that’s still out here just as omnipresent as ever), the sexual acrobatics of today PALE in comparison to the hush hush exploits of yesteryear but it’s only record of them aside from the photographed and videotaped orgies of the affluent is simple verbal hearsay.

So what Bill Cosby allegedly did was the expected behavior of those in Hollywood and you knew as a woman who pursued those inner circles good and damn well what the deal was as you aggressively flaunted your honey pot in front of these powerful and not so powerful men with the unwritten rule was to give up the goods and roll the dice to potentially propel your career to new heights without the hard work that really wasn’t a guarantee. Hard work? HA! Today as well as then you better give up those orifices on the Casting Couch FIRST with NO PROMISE or guarantee of fame as this will hopefully only get your foot in the door!

These were ALL women who had dreams of being something more than they would have ever become and now have to face the fact that they never made it and that all they went after in what they thought was the “Hollywood Dream” was a lie.

Combine that concept with the thought that Bill Cosby didn’t move in step with the orders from those hidden satanic entities who choose to move about covertly in the Hollywood who actually pull the strings for all participants large and small and we will understand that we might not EVER know why this is going down like this.

Sexing anonymous women whose paper thin dreams were written across their faces were the norm as the rule of the Hollywood underbelly has always been to ruthlessly chew up and spit out the gullible who believed that they had a shot at stardom. So on those shark-like standards who was Bill Cosby to turn down a great blowjob or group sex session when it was expected behavior amongst the White men who he begin to keep company with as his visibility in Hollywood ascended to what we know that it eventually became.

The Harvey Weinsteins and Hugh Hefner’s of the world made Bill Cosby feel as though he was as “invincible” as they were and quite possibly made him forget who he was and what true status he held in THEIR world even though he was a smart man who did wonderful things and talked the “Black talk” when not in their company.

The silence of those who ran with Bill Cosby even in his wildest days is deafening! Where’s the support? We’ve all found out by the pushing of the #metoo movement that he surely wasn’t the only man who dipped his wick in some crotch sauce that didn’t belong to him. So those others in the industry knew that they had to remain silent or face having their dirty laundry aired out in the same manner as Bill Cosby’s has been made into the present circus that it is.

Black women have been raped and defiled in the most sinister ways yet we had to wait for the #metoo movement to be allowed to speak out on mass. Until the White woman is affected by an issue it doesn’t exist in the Black world. Enslaved Black women had to suffer so much in silence with absolutely no acknowledgement of there tears even as they had to cater to the flimsy whims of the slavemaster’s wife in those early dark days of Amerikkkan history.

As a Black man Bill Cosby by default is guilty of Big Black Cock possession, which is the ultimate weapon to perpetuate that genetic annihilation further as it is supposed to cause Whites to be the minority by the year 2050. So any Black man who freely lays down with many women, especially White women, is guilty of hastening the death of the White race even if on a perception level of those Whites and White faux Jews in control of the media. This is why it is always the concept of an out of control sex drive that they hope to highlight when they attempt to publicly lynch a Black man when they have nothing else incriminating or suspect against them.

America is in fear of Black masculinity and they know that the ever threatening Black Penis will bring their rule to an end especially of that penis is connected to a spiritually upright (I’m speaking in generalities and not necessarily about the known and unknown character traits that exist in Bill Cosby’s heart) and family oriented individual who refuses to partake in the hedonistic perverse indulgences of this world.

It’s all speculation on my part and I’ve written this to make you THINK!

Here’s another one to ponder…….

It’s quite evident that Heterosexual Black Manhood is a violation in Hollywood. The entertainment industry is working in tandem with the government coupled with the promotion of the perverse Hollywood ideologies to alter the perceptions that Black manhood is a threat to society. They have mastered the subliminal attacks that leave the Black Family in shambles to the delight of those who feverishly seek our destruction.

Most probably don’t realize that the image of Dr. Huxtable leaves a far more powerful impression than who the real Bill Cosby may be behind closed doors. But how many of us are guilty of the same transgression between our public personas and private lives? But those in power wish to destroy the positives that Bill Cosby would have been remembered for in order to leave young Black men with one less powerful Black iconic figure from which they can draw inspiration from.

I bet you if Bill Cosby came out of the closet and proclaimed to be a cross dresser he probably wouldn’t have any of these legal issues at all because he would now be valuable to the one of the ultimate Hollywood agendas against the Black Family as well as Black Manhood!

To wrap it up up here are the bulleted points to simplify all that I wrote in this article:

Bill Cosby angered someone in high places in the entertainment industry and this case is retaliation because it whether we will ever find out what it was or not.

Bill Cosby evidently did cheat on his Wife and it’s in direct opposition to the imagery of Bill’s beloved Dr. Huxtable television persona.

Bill Cosby was attacked on a sexual level because it’s easier for mainstram America to believe that any accused Black man is a sexual deviant hellbent on satisfying their uncontrollable desires.

This case is a direct attack against Black manhood as it helps to justify all projected negativity against any man of color who doesn’t fall in line with the out of control thug mentality or a non threatening effeminate demeanor.

Thanks for taking the time for reading and leave your comments below!

Peace, Righteous Love & Unity Always,

Your Brother,



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