Is Black Media a mind control tool of the oppressor? Back when I was much younger while growing up I used to see the television and movies and sporting events as merely entertainment I never understood how powerful they were on the subconscious mind. Now when I look back and see how those who oppress us have benefitted by controlling our minds through the media it doesn’t surprise me why many of us as black people act the way we do. At 58 years old, I can look back and remember in the 1970s how after every Bruce Lee movie was over many of my peers thought that they were experts in the martial arts. I would always see after the Rocky movie came out how many Italians and others thought that they will Rocky and can easily be the heavyweight champion of the world simply because they watched a movie.

This affect continued on in on and at some point I believe those who want to control the masses made up their mind to utilize this medium to control the minds of the people. To answer the question is black media mind control to for the oppressor I will say yes. Whether it is black owned or not, and usually it is not black owned, the black media doesn’t seem as though they are ready or willing to take on the real issues that are very important to cover in our community. Is it because of fear of some type of retaliation or is it because they are owned by an unseen entity who forces them to follow in agenda. For me when I go to most online websites that claim to cover the black world, it appears as though they only want to focus on entertainers, athletes, and frivolous news that is really not of importance to us in moving forward globally as a community.

So I challenge those who listen to this particular podcast/video, to demand more of those media outlets that claim to be representing the Black Community and by bringing up the discussions of the necessary to break the chains of those factions who oppress us. Also it is a fact that they must behave in a way that doesn’t offend those who spend their advertising dollars with them so in essence they are controlled by those who support them. And I do understand that this is big business and it is a money making endeavor but there should be an ethical responsibility to upholding
those standards that will elevate us as a people as opposed to just chasing the almighty dollar.

That being said this is a case of putting the cart before the horse and also a case of life imitating art. Because on our media outlets and platforms if all we are shown are entertainers who act very much in the ways of buffoonery or merely athletes have no voice in politicians who are not really there to elevate us it will keep us limited in our thinking and very much controlled to the delight of that one who controls us. I say that we should support those independent and truly independent media sources that are fearless in their reporting of the news and sharing their opinions that are very stimulating and almost always out of the oppressive box of white supremacy. But every effort will be taken to shut those down by those powers that be because it would not desire in up right conscious mind to spread like wildfire over the people’s minds who they seek to control.

So enjoy the video and please share your perspectives in the comments section below and do understand that I truly appreciate your presence here and I look forward to you coming back again, thank you very much and do enjoy this podcast.

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