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With the bizarre emergence of Caitlyn Jenner aka Bruce Jenner and the recent manhandling of a young Black female teen at the hands of recently resigned Police Officer David Eric Casebolt, it appears that the value of Black Womanhood is at an all time low!

I recently Tweeted this:

“Why is the sanctity of womanhood valued more in America for an old wombless Transgendered White man over that of the Mother of Civilization?”

Bruce Jenner gets acknowledged by the President of the United States for his outward mutilation and display of inner turmoil while the cyber-trolls went absolutely haywire in their trashing of that young Black victim’s character!

It seems as though America has lost its mind and is also on the short road to insanity in the express lane.

I believe that the times that we are in now really is one of the final wake-up calls for Black America to get its act together or suffer the consequences of aligning itself with a satanic society that is hell bent on defying God and all of His commandments.

It’s up to us to read the handwriting on the wall but even more important we must heed the call to live a spotless life because THAT is the only way to continue receiving God’s protection in this wicked place!

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