Is Everything From Our Economy To Our Sexuality Nothing But Blurred Lines?

Dr. Ramona Brockett once again exposes what’s hidden in the Blurred Lines and connects the issues that are designed to go over the heads of most people.

This week we speak on the Bruce Jenner/Caitlyn Jenner Transition, the Lies that are being perpetrated about how Prosperous the Economy is and how poll numbers are slanted, the role President Obama plays in these deceptions and so much more!

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Media Personality / President Of ScurvMedia LLC / International Social Media Influencer / Culture Critic / Podcast Host / Blogger / Cartoonist & Activist who focuses on the issues of raw human nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! 

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  • Shaunte' Douglas says:

    Thank you So Much Lance and Dr. Ramona!! Another great video, spoken in
    consciousness and confidence and must be heeded. I am Fed! By the way, I
    love Dr. Ramona Brockett! She seems like the epitome of wisdom, grace and
    true spirituality. I really appreciate how she appropriates the Bible
    during your discussions!
    On the Economic side of our current order, I will ask what is a good way to
    induce such empowerment into the 17-25 year olds?
    It is true that now is the time for us to rise from our slumber. I know at
    least a few of us are getting there. Thanks again to you Both!

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    See: Pastor Stephen Darby’s “Evidence for an Exodus” video.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Old Egypt had The Nile. New Egypt has denial.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Until “Cate” chops it off… I might have to keep calling “her” Bruce.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    “Still playing dress-up!” i LOVE it!

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I think liberals are somewhat satanic but it’s conservatives, rednecks and
    republicans who have opened the door with the bitter fruits of racism for
    satan to step in and do his thing.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    I saw that filthy Cate Jenner crap on MHP today. The devil IS a lie.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Foreign cash buyers actually saved Florida’s housing market during the

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    Virtual money… the mark of the beast. I hope it’s not Bitcoin.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    What I like about Dr. Ramona is that when she does her thing, I can
    visualize the actual systemic levers being pulled to manipulate the whole

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    13 families running the world… gentiles with 13 times the wealth of
    Blacks… sounds about right to me.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    America is under judgement.

  • 30fabtel says:

    Dr. Ramona B?????

  • jtray Trever says:

    I believe a big economic collapse is coming.

  • angryspectator101 says:

    Simply brilliant! Pls have this sista on more often

  • David StudioArtsGuru says:

    This is why its important to buy market share in Businesses to keep
    recycled dollars, People my age 30-35 “Economy is very important,” buy out
    the franchises owning them instead of products funding Nikes, Apple, Gocci,
    & Etc.

    One thing I know about the Gay/Femi people, they have allot of money they
    own Hollywood, Apple, etc. They use Blacks to further there agenda & throw
    us away.

    Great show Dr. Ramona Brockett and Mr Lance.

  • The Rookie Seeks says:

    very informative. Looking forward to the financial discussion Dr. !

  • William Wilson says:

    I think all the things happening recently have al ot to do with getting
    Hilary Clinton in office… All this social upheaval and the feminist
    movement is evidence of something coming down the pipeline…

  • Juanita Mitchell says:
  • >