Is God Going To Write Your Paycheck?

Could you believe that some knucklehead actually moved his mouth to even say something as blasphemous as this? Of course this twisted entity claims to be an atheist, who else would have the balls to be as stupid and utter such a comment?

I actually heard of this statement through the grapevine connection that was very direct but I will mention in this manner to protect the identity of this person because they still have to tolerate working under this person on their job.

You know, I dislike it intensely when an individual has rank and file over another on these jobs and they utilize their position to force their ideology on the people who have no choice but to grin and bear it. Well some people do, I know I couldn’t last long under that type of supervision because I will always speak my mind to anyone who steps out of line in a professional light.

Of course there is more to that tale but that statement is the part that I want to focus on in this article.

“Is God going to write your paycheck?”

It was actually an exchange between a worker and their supervisor where the dialogue has always been slightly informal. Okay, we are all human and I can deal with that. I can even handle the off color jokes and the locker room banter. I am not some ultra sensitive type who scans every utterance in my midst for signs of improper dialogue to run and file a complaint because I am insulted. I’m a big boy and can handle most things of this manner but when the spirit behind the comment was hurtful or intended to be hateful/destructive and snide toward my belief system. You are now stepping into an entirely different arena!

I bet if it were some other major faction of the various belief systems that we have no choice to honor and respect he wouldn’t move
his damn mouth to say anything of the sort because most of the time it is THEY who write HIS paycheck! Get what I’m saying?

But because this was a Black woman of a humble background he felt that he didn’t have to respect her viewpoint in their dialogue and say what he did. Now granted, you who are reading this are probably wondering “why is Scurv even addressing this trivial exchange in a blog, lots of knuckleheads make statements of the sort!”

That’s the problem, too many people feel as though they can speak down on our beliefs but won’t dare say a wrong word about another’s and it has to stop! This country is twisted in what is considered right and what is considered wrong and we who are the backbone of this land need to put our feet down and not tolerate this crap anymore.

Tolerate. There’s that word again.

We are told to be “tolerant” toward all types of twisted behaviors but WE must tolerate a direct assault on the very foundation of our belief systems without as much as an apology! But if you don’t feign agreement with a sodomite then you are out of order and will be
reprimanded with the quickness by the Pink Mafia!

Now I am not saying that everyone should believe in the same thing as I but at least have some respect and if you do not believe in a higher power at all have some consideration for the feelings of those that DO!

I find it amusing that at the point where an atheist feels as though their life is in jeopardy such as in the situation of being in a car
accident where they are injured badly they will begin to call out loud for God!

What happened all of a sudden to change their mind?

See, a person can deny that there is a God all they want but deep down inside even though they have lived an entire life in denial they know that there IS someone to answer to in the end after all. This is like a grown person feeling as though they were in charge of their lives for the whole time that they have lived on this earth without being reared as a child and dependent on someone for the formative years of their life.

When you look at the precise order of creation and the exact science that is this life how can anyone deny the existence of God and His presence in every single thing in our world? If those same atheist’s can marvel at the progress of man and the things that are man made then who do they give credit for when they look up to the Heavens? When you think of how the seasons all have a purpose in the order of life on this planet; Springtime for new birth and rejuvenation, Summertime for all things to bear and flourish, Fall for all things to prepare for the sleep of Wintertime, it is amazing and CANNOT be the result of chance or the asinine concept of the  “Big Bang” theory.

Look at the systems of the human body, observe how they all work in unison to enable you to move about the earth effortless for so many decades! If we give props to a mere man who can create a automobile that might last 10 years with extreme care and maintenance, look at our human bodies that can live over multiple decades with the absolute worst care that we afford it through bad food, lack of sunshine and rest, coupled with the drugs and bad attitudes that we display regularly! Look at that! WE outlast vehicles that are cared for according to their instructions precisely yet we abuse our bodies and can STILL bounce back into great health!

If you tell me that this isn’t the work of a mighty God then you are smoking something that truly has you out of your mind!

So for the gentleman who spoke those words asking if God will write that paycheck and those like him I sincerely suggest to you that you should NOT engage in any type of argument or debate with them at all! Leave them to live their lives because there will come a time when they will realize who is the Author of it all and who made it possible for them to even taste this wonderful thing called live!

As long as you live according to what is right, if another wants to be as blasphemous in their attitudes toward our Creator, just imagine their shock when they find out different.

And to have God sign off favorably on the check that has been our lives is the ultimate victory that we all should strive for, it will only bounce because YOU didn’t handle your deposits correctly!



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