Is He Your Mighty Knight In Shining Armor Or Merely A Subsidized Clown Propped Up By Another Woman’s Paycheck?

Women seem to fall for these type of men all of the time. I call them subsidized clowns. Subsidized clowns are men who have earned nothing on their own in their lives yet appear to be the catch of a lifetime only because they have a good woman propping them up to look as good as they are!

What do I mean by this?

Well the subsidized man is just that. Subsidized. His is fed by his woman at home. His clothes and were purchased by her. His wonderful sense of style isn’t something that was born out of his good taste but it is really that woman who put his wardrobe together that way. While he might have a job (Let’s hope so he does because many subsidized men don’t know the meaning of work!), his lack of personal understanding in the financial arena becomes a glaring flaw once removed from under the protection of his woman sponsor because he never had to write a check or pay a bill when with her.

Corporate Black Man

Does he even have a checking account or any savings?

Your guess is as good as mine as all that the propped up subsidized man appears to be is really all that woman at home made him to be.

No exceptions.

But the outside woman who is so hungry for a man never sees this and gets caught up in him deception hook line and sinker!

But the outside woman feels as though she hit the romance jackpot in every conceivable manner! she now has her blessing of a knight in shining armor after all of the years of failed relationships, broken hearts and drained bank accounts. Her time has come…….to get ripped off emotionally and financially once again!

But what do they say? What you don’t know won’t hurt you? Well the truth won’t hurt until you discover the grim reality behind the facade, until then, the outside woman has know clue and for a while is enjoying the greatest time of her life off of another woman’s blood seat and tears! Bad business indeed!

The subsidized clown is a walking talking Ponzi Scheme of the heart, it’s all good in the beginning as he is the perfect gentleman and will generously take care of the high priced tabs at the restaurant and those endless romantic night’s on the town with the money that his woman at home worked so hard to earn. In many cases he will put his woman at home into debt by claiming some false medical emergency in order to siphon funds from a pot that he never contributed to.

He is the master of deception because what you as the outside woman will never learn until late in the game is that he has taken aim at YOUR finances, lifestyle and resources because you might represent a step up from what he is used to dealing with at home with his humble hard working woman.

The subsidized clown is a predator who has perfected the art of “gassing you up” with the illusion of the perfect gentleman but in reality you are courting a man who will relentlessly break your heart and leave you at the first opportunity of a perceived trade up!

You never seem to catch on as he slowly sinks his demonic talons into the most intimate parts of your world. The sex is great because it has to be. It is really the only thing that he really has of his own in his arsenal. It is his weapon of choice and will always be that elusive mind blowing orgasm filled spiritual experience that you’ve always wanted and never seemed to have!

Although you never knew it until it was too late, those first few weeks or months with him was like a teaser rate on a brand new credit card that seemed to good to be true! Once you transferred all of your emotional resources into his account then you realize the terrible mistake that you made that you could never come back from. You’ve been had. You’ve been taken. You are embarrassed, hurt, frustrated, angry at yourself and wonder all along how you could have been deceived on such a grand level and not have witnessed the red flags that were calling out to your good senses and judgement all along.

Trust me ladies, it can happen to the best of you!

The subsidized clown has a game that is very hard to detect. The substance that he brings to the table is very much real and undetectable for quite a long time due to a euphoria that has you conducting yourself in a manner that is out of character for you. Well why wouldn’t you be this way? You feel as though you’ve hit the jackpot!

You have got to look at every man with a fine tooth comb that comes your way these days because it will not always be obvious as to what he is all about and what it is that he wants from you exactly. Too many women that I know have made the mistake of keeping their guards up high in the sex department in not wanting to “give it up” too quick when in actuality you are extracting the characteristics of a noble man who will “wait on you” but you are starving a man who is eating at another woman’s table and doing so quite well I might add. So you’re saying to yourself and your girlfriends that “this man has patience and is willing to wait on me” is about as valid as those false million dollar checks that you get in the mail as junk mail and jumping up and down with joy really thinking that you won something!

When the joyride is over you will understand exactly what happened and will not be to happy to share your findings with the world then!

But it doesn’t have to be this way if you arm yourself with a little knowledge first. Instead of always focusing on not giving a man sex (By all means never drop your standards either!), try to figure out what it is about you that he finds desirable in you without actually asking him. This will take a lot of focus on your part as the smokescreen of flattery possesses the toxic fumes of a deceit that is hard to diagnose. Know that the more he flatters you is the more that chances are he has something to hide. Not always but if you know that you have it going on then why is he stuck on saying this over and over when you know that you obviously have other traits that are just as stunning but may not be so evident at first until a person gets to know you.

You have to understand that while there are many levels of subsidized men out her, some of them will go past your radar because they may have a few material items of their own that may not be the result of their diligence and hard work. They may have a job, a career and their own everything but that subsidized clown that you just finished dealing with prior to this one just might be on a lower level than this one and make him look good when comparing the two. One thing is for sure, if in fact this new man is a subsidized clown merely looking to trade up to enhance his lifestyle portfolio, there is something that you can offer him that he just doesn’t have right now and it is up to YOU to figure it out before it is too late!

From that dude who is merely living with a woman because he can’t afford to live on his own after getting out of prison to that BMW driving corporate type whose main goal is to date, marry and conquer the CEO type of woman who has gotten closer to his deceitful grasp because of the women that he has used over the years to make it to the top, one thing is for sure, unless you take your time to really get to know this man you will find yourself as just another rung on the ladder of his selfish climb to what he perceives as an ascenscion of status with you being the one to foot his neglected bill while he takes aim at higher game.

This article is not meant to frighten you or to say that every man coming your way is looking to use you, but at the same time your hard work and sacrifice must be protected and not merely given away so easily in the name of love. Sure, I believe that if a man OR a woman has more in the material items department at the beginning of the romance, once that significant other is proven to be worthy then it should not matter WHO had more in the beginning and that it should be shared equally in a mutually respectful relationship, but then again you must learn to really take your time and not merely take things on face value.

You have to check this mans movements in life and really ask questions about his past relationships and dealings. If he gets to touchy about your inquiries then there is evidently something that he is trying to hide.

If this man is dealing with you and obviously and openly (He told you about his status and you took this as being a sign of great honesty but in actuality it was reverse psychology!) has a woman at home to whom he says things are not working out right, then let him handle his business in straightening that situation out before getting you caught up in the deception that “one day it’s going to be you and I baby” and wasting your precious time in finding out that one who loves you for you and not for what you can do for him!

How the subsidized man gets you is that he will tell you that although he has a woman at home to whom things are not working out with, he just doesn’t want to leave abruptly because it would leave her out in the cold and damn near homeless. This is a mental tactic for him to buy more time to work on your mind while appearing to be a noble man when in actuality it is HE who will be naked and out of doors if his game was discovered.

Because of the modern technology that has swamped our senses in this day and age, these men have used these tools to seduce the minds of many unsuspecting and trusting women to bombard them with a flattery that they have never really known and in fact melting down their defenses in the way meat tenderizer breaks down the toughest meats in order to be digested easier in the gut.

…….and do you think that you are the ONLY one on his scope?

Be careful of how you let him in your world because everyone is fair game to the subsidized man. Your girlfriends, your coworkers, your church sisters as well as your female family members! NO ONE is beyond the seduction of a man who merely wants a free ride at someone else’s expense. It may sound harsh but it is a fact and I know for sure that many of you reading these words know that I am speaking the truth.

And to be fair there are those subsidized women who operate in the same manner but they have more to work with when dealing with their victim men because those men run aggressively right into the trap because of their carnal predatory nature. But that’s a different story for a different blog! LOL!

Needless to say that with the subsidized man, there are to many “escape hatches” that they can run to which makes their trail of deception even harder to trace. Take your time ladies as this is the biggest advantage that you can arm yourself with in this shark infested world of the so called dating scene!

It’s only a bit of heartfelt advice.


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