Is It True That BLACK PEOPLE CAN’T GET ALONG With Each Other? – The LanceScurv Show

Our passionate Sister Summer expresses her frustration on the topic of the lack of Black Unity that helps others to exploit us as Black people and how we will not make it if we don’t get our collective acts together as though the deadline to do so was yesterday!

One of the points that our Sister made was the fact that Black people only seem to attain a sense of unity when there is a crisis. She was dead on point and as I observe others they don’t need a tragedy to happen to come together which is the way it should be with us. I do agree with 100% of what she had to share and do look forward to her sharing more as well as chopping it up with us eventually on a live stream!

Is It True That BLACK PEOPLE CAN'T GET ALONG With Each Other? - The LanceScurv Show

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