Is Jason Collins Coming Out As Gay In Sports Illustrated Merely A Tool For A Much Bigger Agenda?

When I heard that President Obama gave N.B.A. Player Jason Collins a phone call Monday congratulating him and expressing his support after publicly announcing that he is gay, I knew that it would set off some very intense controversy on many levels especially after our President stated that he was “impressed by his courage!”

Mr. President I humbly ask how many wounded war veterans whose limbs were ripped off of them by the bombs of the enemy or sanity was taken away after dealing with the experience of war did you call directly to express your support or to tell them that you were impressed by their courage because the last time I checked courage in the larger sense was about risking ones life to attain the goal of saving the life of another in a selfless manner.

Now in this world today one may feel that Jason Collin’s actions were courageous since he put himself up as the poster boy/dart board for every gay and racial slur that will be uttered and aimed his way but is that really something to write home about when so many have lost there lives in the pursuit of what they felt was right and showed the courage to show what their true character is all about?

Jason Collins Sports Illustrated Cover

Correct me if I’m wrong but something doesn’t add up here!

Look, I’ve already been attacked ahead of time from my usual crew of anonymous and originated LanceScurv detractors ahead of time because they somehow knew that I was going to speak on this topic in a strong manner even before I could gather my thoughts on it.

The most prevalent statement to me was that I shouldn’t have anything to say about the man’s personal business because that’s exactly what it is – HIS BUSINESS!

They are absolutely right if Jason Collins KEPT his business to himself and did what he like to do behind closed doors as he has been doing. But the very second that he put HIS BUSINESS on the front page of a major sports publication it was no longer his business at all!

Case closed!

Heck! If I get a twisted sexual thrill and a horny kick from sniffing my wife’s panties that she wore all day after she “pooted” in them repeatedly and I get up in a major magazine to reveal my secret fetish which really is significant to the worlds state of affairs then why should anyone be so shocked that the masses are speaking about what I decided to put out there?

But would President Obama call me because he was impressed with my courage and expresses the full support of my stinky panty fetish? And will I get a tweet from First Lady Michelle Obama expressing her support as well as getting an official statement from former President Bill Clinton exalting my courage?

…….yes, I’m merely adding a little humor to the story here but in Jason Collins favor I must say that my research revealed to me that he is considered a class act by everyone who has dealt with him and I have no reason to believe otherwise as I get a good vibe from him.

I must also officially say that this blog is not an attack on Jason Collins personally, but more about President Obama looking past a man who wants to tell the world what his sexual preference is and into the more important issues looming over our heads like homelessness, hunger, joblessness, foreclosure, war and poverty.


Another point that I want to proactively bring up to the readers of this blog who are going to accuse me of judging and/or hating on the man because of his sexual orientation and because of President Obama’s support for him is that since I love God it would impossible for me to hate anyone. Those two things just can’t go together If I hated Jason Allen or Barack then my so called love for God wouldn’t be true and merely an outside show. There are many out here in the world who have shrewdly hustled those of us who are trying hard to live by The Word Of God into being timid and sheepish when it comes time to deal with the issue of homosexuality in all of its manifestations.

Many true believers walk on eggshells when anyone brings up this topic and become “tolerant” to become silenced when it’s their turn to speak their mind at the microphone of life!

Look and understand, that this is my viewpoint not only with the issue of homosexuality but all things that divine law speaks out against:

Number One: It is impossible to hate anyone if you love God.

Number Two: It is impossible to love God and love sin at the same time also.

Number Three: Do not malign anyone who stands up to state their belief in a civil manner in an appropriate forum and say that they are being hateful. Many believers who express their lack of support for those who are Gay in this respect do so in a hateful and mean spirited manner and THIS is not something that God supports in those stone throwers either because God IS love and He loves the sinner but not the sin!

Number Four: To express yourself on how you stand on this issue as a Biblical truth is not hate and one should not be seduced into believing anything otherwise no matter how many times scripture is twisted around to suit the agenda of one who craves to possess the covering of holiness with a sinful core.

Number Five: Believers who throw stones at non believers or non practitioners is wrong but to remain silent as some way of not upsetting the applecart is equally as wrong. Sin is NOT okay but there appears to be a concerted effort in the media especially and in all levels of society to make this transgression an option as though it is truly ordained by the Creator Himself.

So if the “law of the land” states that it is anyone’s right to live as they wish as long as it doesn’t hurt me in any way in my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness then I am to support what that law states but in no way am I going to be forced into abandoning my personal beliefs nor will I ever be afraid to state them.

Be firm in how you stand in your walk but represent your loving God by the way you express those beliefs at the same time!

Now as one who is known to many out here in cyberspace, the prior statements that I made will not sit well with many who disagree but you will have to applaud me for my clarity and my honesty. But let me state it again in all caps: “I DON’T HATE GAY PEOPLE OR ANYONE IN THE LGBTQ community!”

James Baldwin

Your intimate affairs are YOUR intimate affairs and it’s none of my business but since my e-mail box was flooded with inquiries into how I feel about it, this article was written to clear it up because in the past I’ve written a few controversial articles that were misunderstood and taken out of context and this is an attempt since it’s in the news again to clear it up.

But the nails will be driven deep in the coffin of aspiration as anyone in my opinion who doesn’t state their complete support for any activity that God doesn’t condone will be blackballed and shut out of the inner circle of prosperity on a professional level. I know this and have been around long enough to understand that fact. But I’ve also been around long enough to know that a few decades of gaining worldly favor by refusing to stand firm on my beliefs will gain me an entry into a place that won’t be too comfortable in eternity that will not justify turning my back on the One who gave me all that I have.

How can I face my God knowing that He is a jealous God and tell Him that I expect to gain entry into Heaven when I was too timid to speak my mind in how I am unwavering in my belief but expect Him to understand that I did so because I was afraid that I was going to lose my job or not gain the fame in this world that my talent literally guarantees? Then if that is the case then to hell with the baubles and trinkets of this world as I am happy as I am with my life the way it is anyway! I will never be a compromised warrior on earth and could never expect to have a joyous afterlife if I was!

Now let it be said that I feel that MY personal business is my own business but if I were to write a piece on my personal dealings and what road I take to sexual satisfaction in a very public manner then those who live in the manner that I live should be mature enough to know that there will be many who agree and disagree.

It goes without saying that if you can’t handle it then keep it to yourself but BE who you feel you are as a person and live your life according to how you feel it should go. By you doing it that way allows you to stay true to who YOU are even if my belief system doesn’t add up in the same manner as yours at least we will all be comfortable in our life’s walk as there are so many other issues that we as human beings in this tumultuous world can tackle together.

So why can’t the President be as clear as that on his personal stance as the Christian he claims to be? Maybe he and I are reading different Bibles but until we all agree on what the true standard of living is in this world, we will ALL be at each others throats and it will be a recipe for disaster just the same way that drivers who make up their own rules on the road will create accidents!

Here is another thought that came to mind before I wrap it up, will Jason Collins as a Black man get treated any different AS a Black man in this country because he has made it official that he is gay?


While his choice to do so is his decision, why is it that I smell a rat when I think of an agenda that is out here to suck up our collective energy minimize our struggle in this world by giving us another so called issue to fight for which dilutes our struggle as Black people in this country? Let us not forget that no matter WHAT we claim for ourselves in stating who we are, we will always be considered a LOW DOWN WORTHLESS NIGGER to much of the powers that be and to take up the mantle of another cause that doesn’t benefit our cause as Black people is just plain old FOOLISH!

Just like those Black sisters who fought hard for women’s rights back in the early stages of the feminist movement in the 1970’s, of what benefit did it serve to those Black women who were tossed aside after the so called Feminist victories were achieved by their White counterparts as they acted as though they didn’t know you? Sister you went right on back to your world of discrimination and those who welcomed your support never stood for you when you went back to being the Nigger servant that Amerikkka has always loved and enjoyed.

The same goes for the “FACE” of Jason Collins on the cover of Sports illustrated magazine, it will inspire many Black men who are secretly Gay to focus more on something that can be hidden without a trace and NOT on the real reason that they are crucified everyday for something from which there is no cover!

Would Jason Collins get on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine just as easily if he penned a memoir on his battles with racism? Or will he show the world that the acceptance that many Blacks have craved in an American society that is still the majority White is easily attained if as a Black man you banish your perceived threatening aggressive manhood by stating you are Gay and therefore not in possession of a nuclear missile of a penis that has the potential to change the world in a generation or two as projected in this country by the year 2050?

Think deep people. This is NOT about the smaller issue of Jason Collins being Gay but of a bigger picture that many of us miss out on because of the sensationalism of the moment.

To all of my Gay brothers who are in the struggle for Gay rights along side those who are of a different race and will receive a different treatment than you because they are NOT Black, always remember that while you hold up the placards in one hand that are in favor of same sex marriage, never forget to keep your free hand raised up HIGH and clenched to show that you are just as proud of your heritage and will never give up THAT fight also!

This is something that openly gay civil rights activists such as Bayard Rustin and James Baldwin already knew! Take a page out of THEIR book! Someone doesn’t want the power of the Black LGBTQ community to stand strong with those who fight for the rights of Black people without fear and I feel it is a ploy to divide and conquer. As long as you don’t show a trace of concern for your own people as a Gay male then you will get a stamp of approval from the powers that be!

……because at the end of the day when YOU are tossed aside when the Gay white agenda has been achieved, all you will have is the people who look like you who have more in common with you even if they are NOT Gay than those who hoodwinked you into fighting their fight without any intention of reciprocating at all!

Just my two cents and do know that I wholeheartedly welcome your comments.

Peace & Righteous Love always,

Your “Long Winded” Brother,



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