Is Looking Back a Bad Thing?

They sometimes say that looking back is a bad thing.

I beg to differ.

We look for answers to many dilemmas in our personal lives and always want the reply to our questions immediately. It doesn’t always work that way. It can take putting a little distance between you and that issue to jump start the divine process of truly understanding that situation. But we don’t always have the patience to wait on our enlightenment. So many will act in a premature manner without the proper understanding of how to handle their uncomfortable position and live with the decision of a foolish reaction for years to come with many regrets.

This is why I constantly reflect.

I have gotten answers to some very confusing positions that I have found myself in many years after that particular challenging time period. It’s not that I am living in the past, but I have to look back to the past while planting my feet firmly in the present to have a better chance of creating a prosperous upgraded future….never to repeat the foolish mishaps I hold in my memory that I take full responsibility for.

I can now see why I am the way I am.

I can see why I have reacted to specific events in the manner that I did. A thought hit me the other day as I remembered a day in my childhood as other neighborhood children visited my home to watch the Saturday morning cartoons on television. We all wanted to have the best seat in the living room to get the better view even though there were about ten of us present. A situation that resembled the game of musical chairs indeed!

To make a long story short, I found myself inching closer and closer to the television screen quite determined not to be beat to the point of having my nose almost touching the screen even though I tried to sit to the side to allow my guests a clear view. In my stubbornness to play this stupid and selfish game, I didn’t even get to enjoy the cartoons as the other children did because I sat so close I couldn’t even see the screen!

How many of us in this life are in a situation that requires us to back away in order to truly see what the whole picture is?

How many of us are blocking others who are close to us from absorbing who we really are because all they see symbolically is the back of our head? While we may have our take and opinion on a situation, can you remember a time when your behavior was described back to you in that very same incident and you couldn’t believe how their story sounded so different from yours?

Always reflect on your personal past so that old situations that may be outdated to others can continuously teach you about you. So as you check out a few things from my past on this blog that I have decided to share maybe you will understand that we all have things that make us the people that we are.

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