Is No Oral Sex In A Relationship A Deal-Breaker? – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv asks: “If a woman who refuses to perform oral sex on a man yet wants to enjoy receiving it is a deal-breaker to a long term relationship or a trivial issue in the long run?”

Is there more to a committed relationship than that one particular sexual act?

Is it considered selfish that a woman would require that she be orally serviced constantly while feeling that she has no obligation to pleasing her partner in return?

Do men put too much emphasis on fellatio than the many other crucial aspects of a relationship?

Is it possible for a man who loves receiving frequent oral sex to put his desires on the back-burner forever when he meets a woman who is the closest thing to perfection otherwise?

Or will this same man eventually get weak when the desire to feel such an intense pleasure haunts him in his fantasies to eventually destroy his relationship that is void of oral love?

This is a touchy taboo subject indeed but it’s a discussion that so many people avoid having!

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