Sister Denina is truly appreciated for the wealth of knowledge that she brings and shares with us.

For those who seek to discredit her because of their inability to grasp what she is sharing they must first question the propaganda put out in the media in a engineered way that is truly deceptive and keeps one from being open to receive something that is beyond their reach.

Once again I will state that this platform will not attack anyone who brings their perspectives on any topic as we like to absorb it, raw and uncut.

I don’t understand how others who claim to have fair platforms actually attack their guests to never allow them to fully express their viewpoints.

What is the use of having someone begin to share their thoughts yet making it impossible for them to get everything out freely and without the rest?

So here on The LanceScurv Show you can always expect for anyone who is here to enlighten the masses that they will be treated with the utmost respect and made to feel as though their home.

Feel free to share your perspectives in an uncensored manner in the comments section below and thank you for spending your precious time here with us.

Make sure to return constantly as we upload content daily and often times several times a day.



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December 7, 2021 9:29 AM

2021-11-15 00:13:15: FACT
2021-11-15 00:27:10: That tight
2021-11-15 00:29:49: That’s Correct
2021-11-15 00:30:15: Welcome back Sister!!
2021-11-15 00:30:58: It sure does
2021-11-15 00:33:36: Yes, yes
2021-11-15 00:35:58: Thank you
2021-11-15 00:36:49: Well spoken
2021-11-15 00:39:51: Thank you Sister Denina, your are appreciated
2021-11-15 00:44:00: Lance thank you for being a true gateway, you are appreciated
2021-11-15 00:51:38: Yep
2021-11-15 01:07:37: That’s correct
2021-11-15 01:13:51: Lol
2021-11-15 01:15:25: Exactly
2021-11-15 01:16:31: That’s right
2021-11-15 01:17:27: Right
2021-11-15 01:21:37: I certainly appreciate the conversation, and the entire platform. I feel you, Denina.
2021-11-15 01:40:14: I know exactly what you mean
2021-11-15 01:41:53: That’s right
2021-11-15 01:47:26: ️. Thank U brother Lance and CREATRIX
2021-11-15 02:23:13: I’m looking forward also, thank you both the level is real
2021-11-15 02:49:55: Yes
2021-11-15 02:53:53: O I wish. Hope Pray
2021-11-15 02:54:30: Thank you both much Love
2021-11-15 03:44:13: She’s my fav.
2021-11-15 03:48:07: Are there good and bad ancestors?
2021-11-15 04:43:30: Great show……..Thank you Lance and Sister Denina. Did I hear Sister Denina state that shat believes in the christ consciousness?
2021-11-15 04:44:52: So the higher universse/energy/ creation is within us? When we call upon help, do we seek it from within?
2021-11-15 04:45:59: Who created us and our ancestors? When is the beginning of life?
2021-11-15 04:52:22: The analogy of catching a charge and the cell was powerful Lance.
2021-11-15 05:07:51: Sister Denina said that they are trying to trap us here and keep us away from the truth. So what is THE TRUTH?
2021-11-15 05:57:44: Awesome..
2021-11-15 07:05:47: Powerful talk Lance and Denina
2021-11-15 08:53:08: The Ancestors are a part of us rather this Ignorant woman want to accept it or not. No one worship the Ancestors we honor our Ancestors because we realize that without them we wouldn’t be alive. As far as sacrifices this is the Matrix so realize that if their is positive energy their is negative energy. It’s the person that is doing the sacrifice not the Ancestors. She needs to read the prophecy. Nothing changes until it’s time (The Age Of Aquarius) research things that you don’t understand before disrespecting our Ancestors. It’s not wise to put down the very things that gave you life. A black woman with a white woman’s mind
2021-11-15 13:32:24: Trying to wrap mind around this . This is how does not make feel right after listening to person. It maybe here delivery she is very harsh. She talks about her harsh upbringing not everyone’s upbringing was bad . I digress. So let me get this everyone from you me and Denina we are fake fake fake fake . This world is fake fake fake. We break all fake by stop working all of us . The light is bad the dark is good.
2021-11-15 13:52:13: Her foul mouth needs cleansing and for all the other negative conversations Ive tried to make it through when shes on smh makes me realize she is definitely not a person I have any interest in giving my precious time to ..Ase
2021-11-15 14:42:01: Stop yelling at us
2021-11-15 15:41:19: Sister Denina, there are several points which I agree with you. However, you mentioned that our ancestors didnt have our best interest. Do you mean all of them? What have they done wrong to harm us? What could they have done differently? So what and who do you believe in? You seem to make vague statements without expounding your arguments.
2021-11-15 15:55:15: Sister Dennia, how can you tell us to raise our consciousness, wake up, realize our greatness while disrespecting our ancestors? Can you pease explain yourself? And Lance Im wondering why you didnt ask her for her details?
2021-11-15 16:07:18: Sister Denina, isnt looking at the sun for 20-30 minutes damaging to your eyes? You expressed that youve done it without blinking or closing your eyes. How so? And your vision wasnt compromised afterwards? You also suggested that whatever they tell you to do, do the opposite. Well, they taught us that our ancestors were powerless, uneducated, worthless, weak and mindless. Wouldnt the opposite be to revere, honor and acknowledge their greatness???? I am so confused, arent you Lance?
2021-11-15 16:09:51: Denina Truth teller
2021-11-15 16:18:22: Sister Denina, are you saying that your own immediate ancestral lineage has also betrayed you? So do you advise that we dont speak/ call upon them to show gratitude, love and appreciation for all the sacrifice theyve made to raise us?
2021-11-15 16:30:10: Sister Denina, you expressed that « THEY » are trying to shut your message down. Im Not quite sure why they are against you because some of your ideologies align with THEIRS. For instance, not praising our ancestors nor seeking them for enlightenment to help us manifest positive energy into our lives. If anything, THEY should encourage you to spread such knowledge because it fits their narrative. Wouldnt you agree?
2021-11-15 18:39:49: Nahualism says it different positions of the assemblage point within us. Those different positions are potential new worlds..
2021-11-15 19:07:35: They worship devil’s and not God. -the bible.
2021-11-15 19:28:37: Isaiah 8:19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits and unto the wizards, that chirp and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? on behalf of the living should they seek unto the dead? Conjuring up the dead through libations and incantations, TMH frowns upon and U will pay dearly.
2021-11-15 23:06:42: Speaking facts I looked at the sun and I see something black you aint lying once you pierce through it I saw something and I was like wtf??? You see spot on yes multiple Laura to this universe parallel yes sis speak and thanks for giving me confirmation
2021-11-15 23:09:01: Look my dad said you are your savior people dont Understand because they go repeat this shit. Thanks sis for giving knowledge if yall confused then you will repeat this shit. They aint ready. Bobby hemitt spoke on this so did Phil valentine and dr delver blair. Thanks Denina I saw the sun in my dreams yes. Thanks I know its a hard pill but Bobby Jennifer said if its strange and bizarre and you never heard of it then its for you research thanks for the enlightenment so I can move pass this shit sis
2021-11-15 23:27:48: Buddhist way of thinking
2021-11-15 23:36:04: Yes the higher self is how you over come the evil
2021-11-15 23:38:44: This is the awakeing
2021-11-15 23:41:10: Logic it’s the key in a heart to heart dialog
2021-11-16 00:03:21: Keep in mind it depends ones ancestor they can support the human friend or family members ect. but it depends on how the conscious level of this person when they transcend they had to have be evolved spiritually already on a higher plan for the working for the greater good at the time of there death not lower conscious level but if they Transcend on higher vibrations reach enlightment there mission is to support us if we need there protection or help that’s there mission they promise to use even in death ! For the greater good..
2021-11-16 00:17:10: They are attaching you because your enlighten Dina has too stay Spiritual and focus yesterday the universe is unlimitless
2021-11-16 00:18:30: Yes higher conscience level is wonderful…
2021-11-16 02:05:03: Sister Denina, you suggested that all the answers to our questions should come from within, not to rely on outside sources and that we are light beings not human beings. So why are you claiming that our ancestors did nothing for us nor helped us, if all we need to do is search for the solution from within??
2021-11-16 04:45:37: Sister, Sister, You Just Opened The Door A little Wider! I Will Always Appreciate You. Much Love To You and Lance. I’m Still In Awe With The. Art Work. What a Profound Gift!. No Wonder They Hating, but you keep on.
2021-11-16 14:39:04: DEEP INFORMATION! I cant even express myself using words for this video! Thank You Brother Lance and Sister Denina!!!! Straight 2:24:25 Omg! I can meet my other copies of myself YESSS! Reminds me of the Movie Gemini man in a sense
2021-11-16 23:12:59: The ancestors get them nowhere
2021-11-17 00:49:10: Leave our African traditional religion alone, we dont preach or try to convert others. It is our way of life to sacrifice animals and pour libations to our ancestors. Pharaoh Akenathan tried to stop ancient from honouring their ancesstors and failed. We dont pray to God for our daily challenges on this planet. The spirit of our ancestors are important to even amongst African ancestors.
2021-11-20 03:33:11: I understand what she is saying about this matrix being fake, made up, and this planet being a prison, everything about this matrix is imaginary I get it. I have seen and experienced some strange and unexplainable events awake and sleeping. I even was shown the real me in my sleep. I’ve been to a lot of different realm even the fae realm, it’s peaceful over there.
2021-11-21 15:36:31: Nahhh
2021-12-01 10:56:40: Wow I’m just saying thank you for your deep point of view is indeed in my opinion truth be told the truth and food for thought.
2021-12-06 12:44:05: The ancestors have been part of us from the get. Our venerations to them was interrupted by those that enslaved us and forced us with their twisted Christianity. I do agree with Denina on many points, but not on the ancestors.

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