Is The Holy Money Grab In The Black Church Keeping You Perpetually Broke? – The LanceScurv Show

In this episode of The LanceScurv Show, Mrs. Scurv and yours truly once again share our sour experiences in The Black Church and explain why Spirituality over man’s flawed Religion is really the way to go.

This was a quite upbeat and humorous exchange without the venom that most people carry in their hearts when displaying their distrust with the church.

We understand that it will take time for many to wake up to the deceptive hierarchies in which they subject themselves to.

Most of the time they were fed their faith and way of worship and never questioned it even though the inner beings most likely never felt right with it at all if they delved into independent thought.

It’s not their fault but it would be very tragic if they lived their lives like a faithful zombie only to find that the joke was on them all along!

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