Is This Woman Inappropriately Dressed For A Teacher? – The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv asks the question: Is this woman inappropriately dressed for a teacher and too provocative for a setting that deals with impressionable children?

Inappropriately Dressed Graphic

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  • YellowRoseOvTx says:

    If I was a parent of one of her pupils, I’d have something to say. For one,
    how can she focus on her work being in a tight skirt like that? There is no
    way I would feel comfortable looking like that knowing I would be giving
    hormonal boys something to look at and think about latter. She is looking
    sexy for someone…..another teacher or the principal maybe? Either way,
    she looks unprofessional. She works at a school building…a place of
    learning, not bar or club.

  • bear0134 says:

    I don’t care… Can I fuck her!

  • GmsEars2Hear says:

    lets just be blunt ladies dress to cover up and whore dress for attention …its also a lack of self esteem cause for most female its all about their butts ,tits and now the mouth ……thats all most got anyway

  • BabylonIsFallen86pt4 says:

    Good lawd…I don’t see anything wrong with what she got on. The only thing is she got a donk as appose to a pancake ass.

  • MeGustaCometas says:

    She should feel self conscious and down right uncomfortable if she is dressed that way and if she is the focus of young prepubescent and pubescent boys/men. She may think it is acceptable since most of the young women in schools today are dressed inappropriately and look overly provocative. Looks like she may be competing with the young girls/women of her student ‘body’ (pun intended) to see who can be the most provocative.


    She should not be wearing that

  • Vecha302 says:

    Hey, she’s beautiful…but as a teacher(I’m a Teacher as well) she(or other teachers since this isn’t a real teacher)should maybe tone it down just a bit.And this goes for guys too. Some don’t dress professionally either…many are more concerned with being liked by their students than making sure they become bright young men and women for the benefit of our country. And if a woman has sex with a guy below 18…it’s just as much a statutory rape case as when a man does the same. Hate the idea it’s not because guys “love it” therefore it’s ok.

  • zillah67 says:

    This teacher is inappropriately dressed, but I will say being of a particular build many things that some women may wear may appear to be inappropriate.

  • Vontonio Johns says:

    As a man, just looking and not knowing the context, I LOVE what I see. But as a parent I would be disgusted to see one of my kid’s teachers dressing like that in a classroom full of young eyes. THAT’S just crazy.

  • Vontonio Johns says:


  • creatornat says:

    I think fault lies in two places, 1) With the teacher and 2), with the faculty and Principal. Note, we also do not see the front of her shirt, which if I could wager a guess, is low cut, or **at least** shows some cleavage. Personally, I do not care what any woman says in her words when confronted about dressing in a similar fashion, if she dresses in clinging, revealing clothes, she is seeking attention-period. She may play confused, she may not admit it, but insecure females feel they *must* do this. Mind you, they may become desensitized to dressing this way, after doing it for a long time, but there is something called ‘responsibility’ and ‘modesty’ that go a loooong way with the females today(and I am speaking of all ages, not just a younger generation-cause we call know that women of many ages now, dress immodestly). Women with more curves have an even more serious responsibility to disguise(and yes, I said disguise) their shape, *especially* when around impressionable males(young and old), Church, and going out to places where they may have attention on them(public speaking, teaching, and the like). There is a twisted logic, for more dysfunctional females of today, where they may protest,’But I am not **hurting** anyone, I am not going home with anyone, and I am not saying/doing provocative movements’.This, my friend, is an attempt to save face, and not admit wrong doing-because it would be embarrassing for a woman,-especially one secretly insecure, to ever admit,’I should not have worn something so revealing, it was just inappropriate.’ Chances are, due to fear and pride, she’ll never say it. Another twisted attempt to avoid responsibility by some of the same types of women, is to say,’Why were YOU even looking at me like that anyway??’, as a way to *deflect* the initial request to be more modest, and to try and make the other party, feel shameful. You see what she could do there? She may try and turn the tables and make the other party the guilty one, instead of her owning her own guilt. She will do *anything* to avoid admitting she is wrong, because if she feels her *body* is her *power*, the idea of *powerlessness* is terrifying, and thus, must be avoided at all costs! Finally, if a school has faculty or a Principal who allows this sort of manner of dress code for his teachers(or even one), he may either be afraid of the accusation I just pointed out(or even a goofy law suit for not being allows to dress the way they want), or, he/she LIKES it. There is a scripture which suggested us to avoid even the ‘appearance of sin’, and if one doesn’t even know what sin is anymore, why would they have any discernment on how to dress? Show me a woman who dresses in close-fitting/revealing clothes, on a regular basis, and I bet there was never a Father in her life, when she was growing up, to explain to her how precious she was.

  • Theoretical A.C.E says:

    I’ve seen this through out my school years from middle to high but, unlike my male class mates who were immature and high at the puberty phase. I could hold my sexual urges in.

  • KingX Fojason says:

    She’s dressed inappropriately.

  • Eileen Dunbar says:

    Lance, have you seen that they (Hollywood) is coming out with the documentary about gay black men…? They say it may be the only “gay” gang in the WORLD… BTW it’s called “Check it” if you can please talk about this I would love to hear your point of view. Thank you!

  • A Charles says:

    No its not professional and its nor appropriate but many teachers wore revealing clothes.I could always count on you Lance for those wonderful pics

  • Gerald Caldwell says:

    Teachers are freaks! I remember when I was 13 years old in the 8th grade I had a science teacher ms. Melton. This woman had the biggest breasts I had ever seen up that point in my life. And she would always be wearing some sort of cleavage revealing low cut top. And I had another teacher in 10th grade who would let me give her foot massages. Needless to say I could have easily been one of the boys who got caught up screwing a teacher. It certainly is easy to do, especially with the way they carry themselves around kids. Im 32 now and things definetely have’nt changed.

  • blacklove160 says:

    Lmao all the boys would fail her class to return next year:)

  • 1titans says:

    I would have been so motivated. I would have made an A for ass.

  • Black Cherubim says:

    If I was a student my eyes would not be on the blackboard.

  • LanceScurv says:
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