Isn’t It Funny?

Isn’t it funny how some of us will take care of our car so meticulously, making sure that we take it in to the mechanic/dealership to be serviced on time, cleaning, waxing and polishing it to perfection yet wouldn’t even think to give our women a mere compliment after she has given you for years ALL of her love, focus, dedication and support?

Isn’t it funny how some of us would never think to do any damage to our cherished cars after it stalls but wouldn’t think twice to take a swing to beat our woman down if there was a miscommunication or a civil disagreement of concept on how things should proceed in a particular situation?

Woman Crying

Isn’t it funny how some of us after abusing, neglecting and generally abandoning our responsibilities to our woman that we STILL expect to come home to a clean place, a cooked meal arranged in a loving manner, a closet full of freshly cleaned and pressed clothes with her wearing literally nothing but a smile on her knees – face down/ass up so that you can have your way with her in any open orifice that you crave?

Isn’t it funny how we can begin to see our woman as only a source of pleasure and a workhorse for our agenda yet somewhere along the way have forgotten to realize that she too has needs, that she too has feelings and that she too needs to be catered to the way that you seem to demand and feel entitled to.

But some of us will physically beat our woman and others beat her in ways unseen to the naked eye.

Regardless as to the method of your abuse you cannot claim that one is more tragic than the other. Yes, you are to not put your hands on that woman to whom you’ve promised the world but have given her nothing except a broken heart, an empty bank account, an isolated life no friends as well as a huge dose of a lowered self esteem that has plunged faster than a man who skydives from an airplane for sport.

But it seems that some of us believe that it is a sport to play with the feelings and lives of a woman. We juggle our Sisters like that circus clown who so excellently displays his skills and coordination to the fancy of the bedazzled onlookers who just can’t understand how that trick is executed.

Some of us on the other hand will only get our “props” from the other clowns in this life who do the same trick with a woman’s heart. We slap each other the high fives when we can show to the world what was given in trust and in passion on our cellphones. Collecting the visuals of the women who we have lied to in order to continue our destructive rampage seeking to devour and destroy every kindhearted soul of a woman who crosses our path.

Isn’t it a wonder why some of us never get it? Some of us will get old and be alone while the thought of all of those wonderful ladies whose hearts we’ve broken haunt us as we feel the consequences of our actions a bit too late?

Karma is a bitch…….

Lonely Man

It’s almost like the preacher who drills the message into the heads of his congregation in telling them that they need to repent of their sinful ways…….

Trust me, I have broken a heart or two in this lifetime and I am truly sorry that I have and the only way to make it right is to turn away from THOSE wicked ways…….

I have found that there is absolutely nothing wrong with loving the concept of a woman and loving EVERY woman that crosses your path……..

I can see your reaction right now:

“WHAT?????” <—–(Hand on hips giving Scurv the side eye)

“You “done” lost me now Scurv!”

YES! You heard me right! I will say it again…….

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a man loving EVERY woman that crosses his path!

This is the key – allow me to explain…….

As a man, you do not have to bed every woman down to love her, all you have to do is love her RIGHTEOUSLY!

Love her by giving her support in the ways that you can undergird her efforts.

Love her by earning her trust and showing her that all men are NOT out to get between her thighs and that you as a man can appreciate the vast qualities and potential that she possesses inside.

Love her by being a spotless model of what an upright man of spotless character can be because maybe she didn’t have a father around to show her what an example of how true manhood operates.

Love her by listening to her share her thoughts and feelings even if she has repeated herself time after time because whether you know it or not YOU just may be the presence in her life that keeps her from crossing over into the realm of insanity.

Love her by NOT telling her that you love her when you really don’t. Our Sisters are more durable than you think and can take a hard dose of reality easier than the false hope of a dream that you know will never come true. Don’t ruin her for the next man who has the intentions of of committing totally to her. She will love you for being honest and you will also get invited to her wedding as a respected and cherished guest.

Love her just because. Unconditional love is just that. Unconditional. Show your Sisters that you can do a kind deed without the secret motivations or hidden agendas that most men have in their hearts.

Love her by showing her that you as a man are holding down everything that you were made to be responsible and in control of. There are just too many of our Sisters who are sick and damn tired of wearing the pants in their so called sham of a relationship with these “males” (Not men!) who have become severe underachievers and back breaking liabilities! SHOW HER that you love her by handling YO’ BIDNESS! (Translation: Your business! – Sorry for the Ebonics people! LOL!)

Love her by allowing HER to come home to a home cooked meal, a clean fresh smelling house with the laundry done, that dreaded stack of bills on the bedroom dresser or office desk paid in full and a to the sound of running water that lets her know that the bathwater is being drawn for her.

Love her by giving her some time alone and let her KNOW THIS so that she can calibrate her senses and feel at one with herself because it is not easy being a woman my friend. There are so many variables at work going against her in this modern society that we live in that it’s a wonder that she can still look as good as she does! And if she feels as though she is not as attractive as she was back in the good old days, let her know that no matter how much weight that she has put on, how much drama that you may have been through together, that no one else could ever take her place in your life and that if you had the choice of doing it all over again you would.

In other words, constantly reassuring your woman of your unconditional undying love for her that goes beyond maintaining some damn near impossible physical standard is what she needs to hear and needs to feel because if the truth be told wouldn’t YOU want to know that your soul-mate will always remain there for you even when you might have to start taking those little blue pills?

Listen, I know that your time is precious so I won’t rant on any longer as I believe that you understand where I am coming from with this. But in wrapping these words up for today allow me to say this – we as men should be so caught up in loving our women and not motivated by our lower desires that we ruin the Heaven that God has placed her for us in the trenches of the rough terrain of this life. Because we as men of color have it so rough in this world isn’t it a blessing that we have the most beautiful women on the face of the earth to support us as a righteous helpmate?

Think about it.

While we are visual creatures and are naturally attracted to the sensuous curves and movement that our beautiful Sisters possess, what they have for us deep down in there soul is even more potent than any drug that man has ever manufactured in the history of the pharmaceutical industry!

Yes! What is sweeter than the warm embrace of your woman when you come home after a hard day on the job?

What is better than hearing your woman tell you that “everything is going to be alright and we will get through this together” after your job gave you the pink slip?

What’s better than knowing that after so many countless men have hit on your woman who may have more money, a more expensive car or a better skills than you in the bedroom that she has shunned their relentless advances in having that tunnel vision that has brought her home unscathed into your arms each and everyday!

When you have the unconditional unwavering mind body and soul of a real woman/sister/queen who will submit to you only as much as you are a righteous man/king who submits to the divinity and power of an almighty God, you are blessed beyond measure and are equipped to face a lifetime of obstacles, victories, signature moments and empires built!

How can you throw it all away so foolishly by hitting and abusing the ONLY heaven on earth that God tailor made for you?

One man’s loss is another man’s gain.

If you don’t love your woman then in essence you are saying that you hate the one true God that gave her to you!

If this is the case then there ARE no ifs, ands or buts!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,


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