It Might Be Amber Rose Today, But It May Be Your Daughter Tomorrow!

I can remember when I was younger and growing up as a teenager in the seventies, things seemed to be so innocent and transparent, not as calculated and cunning as they are today. There was a refreshing quality of life in the air that we happily inhaled but never knew existed in limited quantities until the act of breathing in that joy became an act as labored as toiling like a slave under the hot summer sun.

The contemporary arts of that day reflected a hope and a resilience that told you on a subconscious level that everything would be alright. It was a forgone conclusion that the good guy still won in the end when following the storyline of a popular movie.

Hard work still worked and nobody doubted its ability to transform entire lives if you just focused and pushed hard to realize your dream.

Drugs were for the weaker vessels who sought an easy escape route because they couldn’t handle the unexpected challenges that life demands that we all are designated to surmount.

Children revered their parents and elders, what they said was divine law and we knew that they were the representatives of God’s will even if we found that pretty bottle that was hidden behind the couch with its ever diminishing contents that supplemented the peace of mind on a carnal level that only the Lord can give. We honored them regardless no matter how many times we were privy to the flaws that we had to sometimes purposely ignore.

There was a time when being a top entertainer instantly garnered an instant respect meant certain qualities were in place. To be a star you had to have exceptional talent that was above and beyond the norm and you had to have a work ethic that bordered on insanity to keep up with the grueling pace of always being on the road and in demand.

Respect had to seriously be earned…….


Do you see that word?

Look at it real good because that word is not used too often in the landscape of today’s world if it is used any at all. If the truth be told, it’s a word that is avoided as though it is an incurable disease…….a word that will soon be extinct as it is now on the endangered species list.

The present day equivalent of the word “earned” is “get over” or getting a “hook up.” This mentality is the prevalent mode that the masses are in and it has permeated every area of expertise that one can indulge in.

It has ruined the purity and fairness of the world, or rather, what little bit of the old school world we have left.

Look at our entertainers today, I mean, I could take this in any direction aside from the entertainment world……. Politics.
Religion. Higher education or maybe in the workforce…….this present day cancer of a mentality is applicable in any category, but I
choose right now to focus on the entertainment world right now for a reason.

What reason?

The reason being that aside from religion, politics or higher education, entertainers have a stronger grip and influence on the psyche of the masses, especially the younger generations, and we need to be concerned about how they are being programmed to think.

Because THEY are tomorrows leaders!

Many of the singers, rappers, actors and actresses of today are not what would be approved of back in the day as acceptable. But who am I to mention this being as “old” and as outdated as I am.

Amber Rose & Nicki Minaj

Outrageous sexual escapades and displays have replaced the allure of a developed entertainer whose following adores them for the raw talent and natural charm that they possess. With today’s so called stars, charm and talent is not required to gain credibility with the fans, a nude photo-shoot and a well staged very public deep lesbian kiss will suffice for the female stars as well as a criminal record from a stint of incarceration from drug possession and a gun charge works wonders for the male stars career as an entertainer.

Once upon a time managers would schedule their stars to more appearances and interviews to ensure that the album sales would be
profitable but today our stars engage in “beefs” to rouse interest in their upcoming creative offerings comparable to the hype of a WWF steel cage wrestling match.

And the bad part about all of this is that we are so gullible to buy into this foolishness that ranks right up there alongside those
addictive fake afternoon soap operas that millions of housewives are addicted to.

What’s even worse is that we have these flash in the pan talentless entities who utilize the fickle eye of the public by manipulating the
social media cyber-networks into making them believe that they are something that they are not! They don’t know how to dance. Couldn’t act if their life depended on it and can only sing in the shower good enough to repel all vermin for a five mile radius. Pretty bad huh? Well welcome to the phenomenon of the new age celebrity!

If you ask me no one epitomizes this ideal more than the one and only Amber Rose!

She doesn’t sing. She doesn’t dance. She doesn’t act.

Yet she is one of the hottest celebrities out here yet being known for a talent is not what keeps her in the limelight. After being discovered working in a gentleman’s club, she rode the wave to fame as Kanye West’s flamboyantly dressed girlfriend who was shrewd enough to milk the attention that he got for all it was worth to get HER name out there!

Amber Rose And Kanye West In Paris

She knew her role and what she wanted to get out of it. She was Kanye’s sex kitten and ego stroking trophy piece, being displayed publicly on his arm seen at performances and award ceremonies wearing outfits that revealed increasing amounts of her well toned battle armor of a body used as her sexual weaponry as she permeated the subconscious mind of the entire world enough for them to want her as their private sex toy also! But to do so would come at a steep price because after the Kanye pairing the stakes had been raised. In her mind it was considered “good business”, plain and simple.

How else could she have landed her own reality television show? For her talents? Well maybe she did but those talents were probably not something that shouldn’t be displayed unless it was behind closed doors!

But wait! She had no problem in taking photos that bared her hardware to the world now didn’t she? So we have to understand that this former stripper is an entirely different creature altogether and we must never forget that!

But we cannot blame anyone else because she is every one bit the Frankenstein monster of OUR creation as a society and couldn’t remain afloat and as popular as she is if we weren’t responding to her as favorably to say the least!

She gives us straight what we crave! We can publicly abhor her all we want but she is laughing all the way to the bank as she can see right through our hypocrisy and into our well masked desire for decadence!

Demand and supply? Damn right!

Amber Rose And Kanye West In Miami Beach August 2009

I remember as a young man growing up in New York City how many residents of a particular neighborhood would complain about the infestation of prostitutes loitering in their community, I thought it was so foolish to focus their extermination efforts on those well built “ladies of the evening” instead of realizing that they couldn’t actually thrive there if it weren’t for the philandering husbands who found themselves slowly driving down those same streets after informing their wives at home that they needed to take a oddly timed trip to the store because they craved a bag of potato chips.

Yeah right!

If it appears that I am defending Amber Rose understand that I am not, but how could you get angry at a thief who seizes the opportunity to steal a car whose keys were left in the ignition with the doors unlocked?

Thieves steal. Seductresses seduce. Why should anyone of us be shocked at what she does when a profit generating headline grabbing opportunity presents itself?

She sees what this world is all about and is turning our own twisted lusts in against us for her very profitable benefit! It’s all business. What would you expect from a small time stripper? She is riding the wave of popularity for all that it’s worth and we are that never ending tsunami who keeps on coming back for more!

Amber Rose Kissing Rosa Acosta

But to add my two cents into it I do believe that she is an opportunistic whore of the Illuminati. Why? Look, she wouldn’t be able to do what she is doing on such a level without the approval from the powers that be. Case closed.

But to focus on Amber, let’s be real. She is an attractive woman, there is no doubt about that.

And while she may not be the type of woman to whom I feel is the ideal, one must understand that she doesn’t “market” herself to be the ideal woman for anyone.

In her mind her job is to be a super hooker, a demonically driven prostitute made by God but hijacked by Satan and groomed specifically for the erotic seduction of the masses, not anyone’s potential wifey material.

Ghetto Hoochies Real Black Street Hookers

Therefore to me, the self exploitation of herself and her brazen manner makes her VERY UNATTRACTIVE to me on the same token. It takes so much more than body parts to turn me on and if the truth be told, show me a woman with spiritual and mental depth, this goes a LOT further than a well developed derriere. How could I say this? Well put it this way, you ALL KNOW how ol’ Scurv loves to talk and communicate and I don’t think I would have too much of a good time trying to hold down a conversation with two fat booty cheeks…….it just wouldn’t work for me! LOL!

There is so much more to being an attractive woman and our young sisters are fed the wrong message from the media as the secret to that long lasting attractiveness comes from being a woman of righteous character from the INSIDE!

It doesn’t come from the outside adornments at all!

Not one bit!

I don’t care if you have $10,000 to spend on some Korean Beauty Supply Store Yake Horse Hair, take a bath in make-up, slap on the longest fake nails and eyelashes because if you have no true character, depth, soul, intelligence, manners as well as the whole gamut of the fruits of the spirit in abundance I would rather get my groove on with a sex shop blow up doll than deal with the lack of depth and a stink attitude of a woman done up like a clown who expects the world to fall at her feet because of a fabulous makeover when the most crucial part that SHOULD have been made over leaves so much more to be desired! Case closed!

Deep Weave Yaki Hair Extension

But she IS a master of seduction and well groomed in the art of taking down the strongest and most disciplined of men. A sexual Terminator. She obviously has studied human nature for a very long time and knows how to “become” that imagery of the fantasy that most men would never admit to. Not because of her particular look which some might like and some might not, but because she knows how to cater to any fetish secretly hidden deep inside the most guarded hearts.

Amber Rose Nude

Am I talking this way because she has some kind of gravitational pull on me? No. Why do I say no when even I could be lying? Trust me, I see her game and public persona and view her more as a production than as a real person. You see, back in my younger days I had many similar experiences in my personal walk through the world of adult entertainment. I had many similar “powers” that she possesses now but then for me it was in a manly way. I see right through her and I know what drives her.

At this point in her life I can see (And this is merely my opinion!) that she has numbed herself and detached herself away so effectively that I wonder if she could ever see herself in any other light than this person who puts on a show every time an audience is within viewing range.

She is like that race car that bedazzles everyone with her unparalleled handling and great bursts of speed around the track while I am the guy who is not impressed because of the familiarity that I have with her type because I am so used to the” job” from back in my wilder days servicing cars/girls like her who have constantly pulled into my pit stop during the race. You see, I already know what’s under her hood.

Under The Hood

What is she running from and what will happen when she finally faces herself? This life can speed by so fast and one day if she realizes that she never formed any meaningful bond with anyone other than the people who are caught up in her “media creation presentation”, she will be in for a rude awakening and most likely end up in a sorry state of affairs.

In that world people only see what you put out there. In this world folks are only interested in what they can get from you. Not all. But most. What scares me is to think what hurting young lady out there is influenced by the antics of an Amber Rose and will be inspired not only to emulate her, but to even outdo her! How many of our young ladies are seeing this and because is is glorified and celebrated by the powers that be of this world will forge forward with no shame and expect to get the same accolades for their whorish behavior and be disappointed even more when they realize that they are not going to be compensated or recognized like their idol for no more than the time it takes to give up their bodies to a stranger in the bedroom or the back seat of a car if not an alleyway!

Not to get off point but do any of you remember the scandal back in 1984 involving the nude photos that surfaced of the newly crowned 1983 Miss America Vanessa Williams? Remember how much of an uproar it caused along with the generous amount of expressed disgust whether it was authentic or fraudulent?

Vanessa Williams Penthouse Magazine Cover

Now look at us today, nude photo-shoots and sex scandals are the norm as well as the well timed massively promoted “leaked” photos that usually precede a creative effort in the form of a album dropping soon or some type of media offering in which the controversial attention from the pictures will garner the free publicity that would otherwise by hard to find.

If the Vanessa Williams scandal or an equivalent were to manifest itself today she would be lauded as a megastar and not publicly slammed as she was in that short span of the 27 years since her particular scandal.

Oh how our world and perceptions have changed!

I remember saying one day something to my buddy Angelo as we walked through Times Square in New York City many years ago before it was cleaned up of the adult movie theaters and sex shops that catered to every form of sexual fetish from being whipped to having multiple sex partners all the way down to having someone making feces on you. Yes my friends, I have pretty much seen it all and KNOW what I am talking about…….but what I told him that we should give it a few years to see the effect of having all of this decadence out in the open will have. I told him that I believed that this will have a terrible ripple effect on our youth as they “find” this material laying around their homes and (As kids will do!) sneak their peeks into things that are not meant for their young eyes. I told him that our society is going to become decayed to the point of being tolerant of things that were then considered taboo.

Peepland In Times Square New York City

Now look at us as a society. My predictions were right on point! Let me tell you, not only were my predictions correct but it went far beyond anything that I could even think of. Please don’t think that I am happy about this, because I am not, but my question to you is where will we be in the next twenty years if we have the technology that we do to enable our young daughters to present themselves to the world as young porno stars from the privacy of their own home? It’s a frightening thought indeed!

These days many a young girl meets a boy, the boy and her exchange cellphone numbers, and within days or even hours they will be exchanging nude pictures of themselves and their genitalia and if either isn’t mature enough (Could I even expect them to be after this behavior?) then the entire world will be forwarded the pictures to be forwarded indefinitely. This is a ritual that is more common than we would like to think and it is our desensitized mentality that makes it easier to tolerate it as normalcy in our own midst.

As long as these so called “stars” such as Amber Rose are propped up as the icons to be emulated by our youth, they will always be the pied pipers who are leading our society down into the pits of hell.

Amber Rose Licking A Bomb Pop

Thirty years ago no one would have believed that things in our world would turn out to be the way they are now. Sagging pants. Down-low Brothers, Hoochie Mamas, Pimp-Like Predatory Mega Church Bishops who refuse to explain the filth that they have indulged in and have a brainwashed congregation to enable them in their filth, Teen pregnancies accepted as the norm, preteens packing concealed weapons, oral sex given easier today between our youth just as fast as strangers offer up a friendly handshake…….

Shall I go on?

Prison terms are honored in the street more so than a college degree. Our young women feel as though it is more of an accomplishment to perfect their skills of seduction than the qualities of their character. We have grandmothers who dress trashier than their teenaged granddaughters and will oftentimes compete for the carnal “attentions” of their grandchild’s boyfriend.

…….and the list continues to swell and bedazzle.

Just think. If our world has changed so much in the last twenty or thirty years, we need to buckle up for the ride if our lives in the years to come.

They say that the art, culture and entertainment indulged in by a society is a fair gauge of the quality of character that the same society possesses. With the amount of filth infesting our minds in record numbers through the mediums of print, broadcast and the cyber-variety, where do we fall on the scale of decency and even more importantly, where do we fall on the scale of what is pleasing in the eyes of our Creator?


Keeping this in mind, if we seem to honor those who are the Amber Roses of this world as though they are a queen, judging by their attributes this tells me that we are now closer to being that modern day Sodom and Gomorrah than we would like to believe……and with our technological advances and ability to disperse our filthy desires to each other at the speed of thought, I believe we have long ago surpassed anything that Sodom and Gomorrah has ever done.

If this is truly the case then how could any of us sleep well at night since we all know the fate of that doomed city?

Now I hear that Amber Rose is getting a Reality TV Show? All I can say is God help us all!

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December 21, 2012 2:03 PM

Well! Lance, it certainly is not our place to judge Amber Rose, under any circumstance and we certainly has not walked the girl's life is her shoes. We do not know what caused the echoed among her, but whatever it was she doing a dayum good job at it. and honestly, I think she was just an exotic dancer, not a high profile prostitute or prostitute at all. The girl is flawless in her own way! There are certainly many celebrities back in the days who fall into Amber Rose's shoes too. If anything effecting our girls, it's this thing called Nicki Minaj over exaggerated lifestyle, which is now going down hill.

Reply to  Leslye
December 22, 2012 11:22 AM

I wouldn't say that I was judging Amber Rose Leslye, because when stacking up her actions and movements up against divine law it is obvious how far off of the mark she is, I just expressed what I felt about her influence as so many are afraid to speak out on this devalued culture that is literally leading our youngsters to slaughter while doing absolutely nothing about it.

July 18, 2011 4:58 PM

It used to be you had to have some type of talent(s) to become famous; but it seems folks become famous NOW because of WHO and or WHAT they do like making a sex tape, or dating a BIG FAMOUS star! That is sad! It is plenty of famous celebrities that don't have talent(s)!

Jacquelyn Marie
Jacquelyn Marie
July 5, 2011 9:01 PM

I'm sad for her. Sad that she believes that her body is the only beauty she possess, and her only talent is to exploit herself. Its something about her that makes me cringe, and I'm not sure why. I have a son who is turning 21years of age next month and I've taught him many things, I certainly hope and pray that his nose will never get twisted up in a web of raunchiness such as that of Ms. Rose~ ~GodBless&ProtectUsAll~

July 4, 2011 9:35 PM

I am so blessed that my four girls do not exhibit characteristics of many of these young (celebooties). No one cares that she is someone's daughter or granddaughter or aunt or niece or sister or whatever because they see that she really doesn't care about herself. Sex doesn't sell anymore….perversion does. And what will be on the market after perversion? Persuasive perversion.

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