It’s A Year Round Hunting Season In Amerikkka & Unarmed Black Men Are The Targets – Does Don Lemon Hold A Smoking Gun?

Should the title of this article come as a surprise to anyone who has studied Amerikkkan history?

It’s merely coming out that it’s a perpetual hunting season on all Black males not only in Florida, but from sea to shining sea.

Anyone can join in on the hunt, Don Lemon has, and you don’t have to have a permit either to participate in this game either. Merely have your suspicions on the activity of the targeted Black male and state afterward that you feared for your life and that is all you will need to get off Scott free from the wrath of the law that will magically not pertain to you if you follow those very simple instructions.

It’s all a part of “taking back the country” to those who rightfully had ownership of it!

…….and if you believe any of the aforementioned words then you need to have your damn mind checked out for a mental sickness!

But then again, haven’t I always stated that Racism was a mental condition that no amount of medication or therapy could ever correct? Of course! You couldn’t get any more demonic than a person who views the world through this demented lens and who will rant and rave when you point out the symptoms clearly and logically.

But at the end of the day, they will STILL blame Black men on all of the ills of society and fall hook line and sinker for the intensified media coverage of us that paints us all as thugs, criminals and do nothings who are out to screw their daughters, burglarize their homes and destroy their communities with our unwanted presence.

Thank you mainstream media for making my life a living hell.

But it’s not only the open season shooting of us that’s the only way of chopping us down, but you have the character bashing that is broadcast for the world to see that doesn’t take into consideration that there are good Black men out here in the world doing the right thing.

Don Lemon

Now we recently had Donna Lemon…….OOPS, I meant Don Lemon, speak out in agreement with Fox News Anchor Bill O’Reilly stating in his No Talking Points that Black men should:

1)Pull up their pants

2)Stop using the word Nigger

3) Respect where you live – Show some pride and don’t drop trash in your communities.

4) Finish school – Education doesn’t mean that you are acting white.

5) Family first – Stop having kids out of wedlock. 72% of Black families do.

I must agree somewhat with what Don Lemon/Bill O’Reilly rant (Are they now one and the same? Has anyone ever seen them in the same room together? Hmmmmmm!) said but we must remember that Don is a mainstream media puppet working for a media network that is experiencing “sagging” ratings.

So it is imperative to make this tool of a man perform so that he doesn’t suffer the same fate as Donna Brazile, Soledad O’Brien and Roland Martin and PRODUCE to get results or suffer the same fate as your other constituents!

But in actuality Don Lemon didn’t seize the moment and cut deeper like he could have and should have in stating the real problems at the root and not at the surface!

What do I mean by this?

It’s quite easy to merely say pull up your pants, and while I am not making any excuses for those who do sag their pants in public as I despise the practice myself, that in itself never caused any problems other than keeping a Black man who does out of a job because no one is going to hire you looking like that.

We must remember that every generation had the way of rebelling against the system as some of the most brilliant minded CEO’s today were weed smoking long haired funky non washing free love giving hippies!

Sagging Pants

…….and as top tier earners in the corporate world, most would never believe that those who were hippies would eventually develop into the decent human beings that they are today to enhance the community as the model citizens that they are. again, I hate sagging pants and don’t condone it but some of them will wake up in time.

And another point that I agree on is the use of the word Nigger. But let’s again stop with the surface accusations and cut deeper into the problem. As far as our young generation is concerned, their use of the word has grown to epidemic proportions, trust me, they just HAD to get a little help now didn’t they? They are using this word as though they are getting a huge commission form its use!

Let me ask you a question Don Lemon, instead of blaming the experimental mind controlled lab rats that our young Black youth have become, why don’t you go to the very Corporate entities in the music business who profit greatly from the distribution of this filth with great beats and condemn THEM for their lack of a decent moral compass?

They have the money to invest in the glorification of these decrepit performers who possess absolutely no talent or substance but are artificially sustained by the corporate dollars to keep these kids in a state of life imitating art.

It all goes hand in hand with the bigger picture because if the music industry continues in their brainwashing of an entire generation with the guns, sex and violence as well as the self hate that it displays, the prisons that are being built are literally guaranteed to turn a profit from the free labor of those very same home grown thugs that were the Lil’ Wayne fans.

Black Teen Pregnancy

While the freaky little Nicki Minaj fans are the irresponsible hoochie mama’s who crack their legs open to these sagging pants thugs for the time they have between infractions to produce an even more degraded version of the next generation to come! Cha CHING$$$$$!!!!!

So why don’t you mention THAT Mr. Lemon?

I won’t dare ask Bill O’Reilly because that would be a futile effort indeed, it’s all about ratings for him and I hope that you Mr. Lemon hold that same sentiment because if you do, you are a prostitute yourself and are just as guilty as the people who pay you to do their bidding!

In the mainstream media, if you are REALLY a revolutionary, you would get the boot with the quickness and be banished like your Brother Roland Martin! Are you even allowed to SPEAK with him since he was black balled and told it was merely because his contract ran out? That alone is PROOF that you are on a modern day plantation and truly makes me wonder what your role is in the total scheme of things! Those better not be tap dancing shoes I see you wearing or I’m going to have to call you out!

So you are told to address the “Black issues” but only go but so far to win over a few viewers from Fox News because the same tactics are working so well for them!

Since when has our suffering been in the hearts and minds of mainstream Amerikkka anyway? Isn’t the segment of the viewing public the very same ones who hated it when Senator Barack Obama announced that he was running for the Presidency of the United Snakes? Wasn’t this the same man who was told by Hillary Clinton on national prime time television LIVE that he should denounce and reject the support of The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan? A man who has dedicated and sacrificed his entire life to the uplifting and education of Black people in America and the entire world?


So how is it that Donna Lemon jumps to the front of the line as though he is being groomed as the new face of Black leadership in the lukewarm climate of the Al Sharpton’s and the Jesse Jackson’s, one of which I will bet my bottom dollar is an agent for the government whose hairdo is subsidized.

As far as telling our youth to finish school and stopping the ignorant statement (Which I am also sick and tired of hearing the ignorant of us say!) that to be educated is to be guilty of acting White, well why don’t you champion the cause of those who DID go to school to earn great grades only to be turned down for a job because they WEREN’T White?

Let’s start there Mr. Lemon!

Respect where we live?

How could we Mr. lemon when the very inner city “urban” (Code word) neighborhoods are damned from the day they were created! For example, it’s a proven fact that the majority of the upstate prisons in New York state are filled with inmates from five or six (Interchangeable) neighborhoods in what amounts to as somewhat of a farming area for minority bodies to place in those prisons?

Crime is widespread in these neighborhoods and the so called politicians don’t seem to care. The schools are crumbling and the infrastructures that support a quality life are diminishing, programs that re crucial to developing fully functional scholars are being cut yet as our kids have nowhere to go and nothing to do, THEY are blamed for OUR failure to go the extra mile!

Of course the breakdown of our family structure is a big reason why the Black community is falling apart in record number but why don’t you tell them why Don?

It’s too convenient to pass the buck on this one to the easy targets Mr. Lemon but then again I forgot your hands are tied because of who signs your paycheck.

Don Lemon is acting like that guy who claimed to be such a great swimmer at the beach but when you observe him from a distance all he does is put one foot in the water then lie and say he swims offshore for miles!

If you are going to tackle the issues my friend then you need to CUT DEEP TO THE ROOT but that might be too much for your bosses down their at CNN! All they wanted out of your rant was higher ratings at the expense of the wayward factions (ALL communities have their embarrassing problem child my friend!) of the Black community and not the solutions that would help to put them out of business oh so quickly!

You see, SOMEONE has to be the Bogeyman and our downtrodden Black men have ALWAYS been perfect for this role when need be!

While the few viewers who will now jump ship and come on over to CNN because they love to see a Black man agree with there narrow minded view of the world and it’s challenges to improve.

Shame on you Mr. Lemon for allowing yourself to be a whore to exploit a problem that you KNOW goes much deeper than what you are mentioning. To say that we  will get better by adhering to your few “No Talking Points” is comparable to saying that in order to avoid the damaging effect of a hurricane all one would have to do is cover their eyes.

You can NEVER snuff out the fire by fanning the smoke and that’s EXACTLY what you have done with a televised rant that was definitely discussed in detail to counteract the effects of Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News rant to strengthen your bottom line for CNN.


I tell you what, if you were REALLY a renegade who felt the spontaneous need to “speak your mind” on the ills of society and how one people choose to exploit another for profit in their ignorance in the case of the Jewish community who rules all media as we know it, you would be OUT OF A JOB, banished and blackballed in NO TIME FLAT!

It’s open season on Black men all over this country and it’s official!

Watch your back my Brothers because it just might be you or I from the streets to the corporate boardrooms who support Don Lemon’s well planned and executed assassination!

You say that Bill O’Reilly didn’t go far enough? Well I say that you did the same thing too in your NOT going DEEPER!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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