It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before Swizz Cheatz!



Alicia Keys – Secrets

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This is another hot cartoon by yours truly Lance Scurv. First of all, let me say that I am not being judgmental by putting this sketch out there like that. I am merely putting a face on many of the facts and rumors about their very sensitive situation.

An artistic compilation of what is out there!

I am just one who put a comical spin on it so please do not think I am being vindictive because at the end of the day it is their life and their business! With THAT being said, they are both highly visible public figures who will be scrutinized a lot more than you and I!

I would love to hear your opinions and comments on this issue as many are betting that Mr. Swizz Beatz is a walking time bomb who can’t control himself around the countless beautiful women that he encounters as well as being a highly desirable target to those who seek the thrill, money and drama that comes with a top of the line scandal!

Only time will tell!

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Lance Scurv

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