It’s Sad To Have Lived A Life Never Having Worn That Expensive Jewelry That’s Brand New And Untouched Still In The Box!

I had to title this blog post in this manner but it could have been called anything because of the point that I’m trying to drive home about life and death.

“Brand new cars in the garage never driven”

“Purchased gym memberships where a sweat was never broken”

“Frequent flyer miles that were never really enjoyed”

In this life we have dreams and aspirations that we spend so much time speaking about but always remain in the planning stages.

Look how many of us never start those tasks that we’ve projected to accomplish and never see them come to fruition?

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I was speaking to a good friend of mine the other day and she mentioned another friend of hers that appeared to be in the prime of her life at the age of 51 and was very active on the social scene.

She told me that this person could light up a room when she would appear and was always the life of the party when she arrived. But as alive as she was and as many people as she affected with her energetic presence the day came when she passed away in the blink of an eye!

What happened?

I guess she was sick, but she didn’t look as though she was under the weather from what I was told but never the less it was a total shock to those who were close to her.

The point here is that you never know when your time to leave this earth is coming. The day that you die, that morning you might be in the most upbeat mood with so many plans and things to accomplish not knowing that the sands on your personal hourglass are soon to be expired.

When you really think of it, it may be a great thing that one never knows the hour of their demise, could you imagine the things that we would do if we really when we were going to die?

Banks would get robbed with the stolen money given to the family of the soon to be deceased.

Long term grudges would be settled by the killing of others whom the marked individual didn’t like. Judges, law enforcement and all authority figures would be snuffed on a regular basis.

So I think that God in His infinite wisdom knew best when He created this world the way He did and having death come to us unexpectedly. It’s better that way.

But since we know that our time on this earth is limited, why is it that we do the things that we do as though we are going to live forever?


The older I get the more I cringe when I think of the brazen way that I’ve tempted death to come my way without a second thought. Age will teach you how fragile you really are and how dependent on the higher power that we all must submit to whether we like it or not.

After a certain point in our lives, we make the choice to NOT see the obvious to continue on with the games that we play that we KNOW aren’t leading us to a better place after we pass on.

It’s like having a gambling addiction where the afflicted always feels as though that the next bet will be the BIG HIT that makes up for every self incurred loss, even if it means putting next months mortgage up to move forward with the doomed bet.

Oh how we play such games with our salvation…….

But truly living this life doesn’t mean that we have to break divine laws just to enjoy it, and while I admit that there is a substitute sweetness to this thing called sin, it can quickly lose its allure to ones senses when you know the joys of living an obedient life.

So we waste the majority of our lives seeking a substitute rush keeps us from the more important interactions that would feed and saturated our souls in the deepest layers where it counts.

So like a person whose body cries out for real nutrition as it is fed the sub par diet of junk food that’s leeched of the nourishment that’s truly needed, we never get out of life what our God intended.

So now we find ourselves constantly craving something to fill the void in our lives and run hard after the wrong things to get away from that feeling of emptiness that has become a constant companion in our daily walk.

We need to learn to how to back off from the madness of man’s manufactured world and travel on the unseen spiritual plane which would allow us to receive more how out of life.

Without moving through life this way we miss so much of the lessons that we need to “graduate” to the next level with ease. We would also be able to do more because we would not be gazing so far into the future thinking that we have so much line to do everything that we desire.

Remember, we really don’t know WHEN our time is coming and need to know that every second of our life should be devoured and relished like that last precious piece of your favorite candy bar.

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While we should always concern ourselves with keeping our affairs in order, we have to understand that on the day we die there will be bills still coming to us in our name as well as obligations and appointments that will go unfulfilled.

So the trick is to focus on what you can and don’t hesitate to enjoy what you have earned in this life materially as long as it doesn’t blind you in your spiritual walk and become your God.

So go ahead and enjoy that new car or gym membership that you worked so hard to purchase. Don’t be so busy pursuing the things that you don’t have that you miss out on the things that you do.

Everyday is truly a gift and while righteous living will always be nutritious to our souls, it’s ultimately the most delicious bite of this life that we will ever devour!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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