It’s Time For People To Stop Claiming Being Mentally Sick To Cover Demonic Actions!

No really, have we lost our collective minds?

Shootings just don’t happen in church!

It’s open season everywhere now no matter where you are but to witness a killing while a prayer service is in progress really takes the cake!

Do we now have to modify Holy Scripture in the manner that is done with outdated laws? Now when they say in church “Put On The Whole Armor” does this now mean that we should include a bullet proof vest?

Now my radar is up most of the time when I am in the streets doing my job and even on my down time and days off just the same. These days it’s a typical protocol to give everyone approaching you the once over up and down to ensure that nothing is out of place on the scale of normalcy and that there is no threat in ones midst.

But most people that I know just can’t walk around in battle mode for every moment of everyday, that has got to be tiring as we all need a little time everyday and a place where we can frequently put down our battle mentality because to not be able to do so will push most of us into a major breakdown!

But the fact of the matter is that in this society of information overload and sensory burn out we have become a morph of carnal zombies who can only mimick the actions absorbed in a media gone wild.

Take a deep breath and repeat after me…….we are not in a movie; this is REAL LIFE!

Our perception of the barriers that separate decency from all that is indecent has been blurred or for the most part destroyed. But the question remains in this particular situation – what could have been so bad that a cold blooded point blank killing had to be carried out in a church DURING a prayer service in front of many innocent people that had nothing to do with it?

I say it that way because it could not have been something done in a random fashion and all fingers point to it being a situation from the past because I recently discovered that the shooter worked there at the church as a volunteer staff member. World Changers Church is located in College Park, Georgia.

But then again it didn’t really have to actually be something because the shooter, 52 year old Floyd Palmer, had another incident in Baltimore Maryland where he shot a man outside of a mosque after an argument inside and paralyzed him a decade ago but was deemed “not criminally responsible” and was committed to a mental health facility there.


Thirty-nine year old Greg McDowell was Floyd’s shooting victim and had such an admirable character and reputation.

Okay, the facts are out there and I am not trying to become a reporter. I am quite sure you will get even more facts in the days to come but what I really wanted to say is that you have to very much aware of what is around you as you move about the earth these days because you just don’t know WHEN you will unknowingly piss somebody off who has some real mental issues going on.

Sad but true.

You might even merely say “good morning” to someone and upset them so much because you may have reminded them of someone who slighted them in the past and they will try to take your life because of all of the years of pent up frustration from a perceived slight.

But know that as we also move about the earth that there is an abundance of surplus negative energy that we have to wade through no matter where we find ourselves. And that negative energy cannot stand someone who is all about doing positive things because the effect is like throwing acid on someone!

But on the other hand – and I am not at all blaming anyone for their having some variation of a mental condition – we have too many people who have mental issues who could snap at any time. Now I am not attempting to demonize anyone who is mentally challenged or partake in this thing called fear mongering because it is wrong, but we don’t know WHERE many of our peers fall along on the scale of mental health no matter how intelligent they talk or how well they may hide their issues.

That being said, with all of these billions of dollars spend in the middle east on war, why can’t the American government deal with the issues that we have here and mental health is one of them.

Look, the mentally stressed and challenged not only have to deal with the immense burden of performing in a very competitive society in a sub-par manner, but they very much still have those incessant stresses that WE have to deal with everyday and you KNOW how intense THAT can get!

So we need proper care for them and not settle for tossing them away because they can still contribute to society in a meaningful positive way and if we were to deal with all who fall under this umbrella then we would catch a problem long before it got out of hand as in the sad example Floyd Palmer.


So we because of our selfish self centered mentality have others who are in need of help but as long as it is not us we go to our warm clean homes without an ounce of concern for those who cannot help themselves. Now I didn’t say that to make an excuse for Floyd Palmer, because that was too calculating a scenario coupled with his past record to say that he was straight crazy, because he KNEW what he was doing!

But if he can do what he did and be categorized once again to being “not criminally responsible”, that is an insult to those who are not even able to clean their backsides by themselves and not be cunning and calculating enough to pull of such a demonically driven act of violence.

Damn! Doesn’t he know that he affected not only an entire family but a church community as well? Okay, while I had a lot of unflattering things to say about the Creflo Dollar World Changers Ministry in the past, I don’t think THAT was the place to do such a thing or ANYWHERE else for that manner!

This man needs to have the book thrown at him and locked away forever, if he is truly nuts then he won’t know the difference! Save the kid gloves for those who obviously need it but THIS was just TOO MUCH to allow him to hide behind a mentally insane plea when his time comes up in court.

Let’s follow this story together and see how it develops…….

Peace & Righteous Love always,

Your “In Shock” Brother,


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February 5, 2020 5:24 PM

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Mary Tylerbest
Mary Tylerbest
October 27, 2012 7:54 AM

First I will say this I have heard so many negative comments about Creflo Dollar for years and when I lived in Atlanta went to his church due to my grandson being dedicated there and stayed for the service. In my life time I have been to many church services and in my opinion none can compare the lies that were told about him were just that , there was no atm machine in the lobby nor did the church request my w2 form and if you want a spiritual sensation to move your body I suggest to anyone who ever visits Atlanta try going to World Changers Church International.

Brean'na Moore
Brean'na Moore
Reply to  Mary Tylerbest
October 30, 2012 4:51 AM

Amen Nana!! Tell'em, people just don't know how anointing my Pastor/Cousin. Thank you Nana for this message, hopefully when people read this they will have be less opinionated about THIS MAN OF GOD!!

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