I’ve Begun This Transition Called Death And It Feels So Good!

I’m not even part of this world anymore.

I already know that I’ve begun this transition into the what we call death and it feels so good.

Am  suicidal?

Hell no!

If you try to take my life I will snuff you out before you take mine and that’s real. You probably didn’t know what  meant by what  sad but  will explain it to you like this…….

Death to me when executed right in a natural manner is a state of being that doesn’t happen at one time. While it may appear to do so in the physical when our bodies cease to function and eventually go back to the earth, the actual process begins long before it is detected by the naked eye or evident to those around that one who is about to embark on their ascension into the mysterious hereafter.

I am not speaking of a hidden disease or ailment that man succumbs to on the physical level, any one of us can have that happen to them and not be at the point that I am with the healthy and fully functional body that I am in possession now.

What I am speaking on is of a spiritual nature and many who are reading this will not even understand where I am coming from so these words are for those who have the depth of perception to know.

For everyone else, just write me off as some nut and go about you animalistic ways and hedonistically driven life.

Tick-tock your clock is ticking.

Eat. Sleep. Work. Dodo. Cum. Die.

Tick-tock…….you realize with time that what was sweet ain’t sweet no more and your best orgasms are behind you.

You know that there is more to this life but you refuse to open up your eyes to see that catering to your bodily functions and the diminishing pleasures that they bring are not what they were cracked up to be!

Did I say “cracked up to be?”


Yes, it’s just like crack! The DRUG crack! How is that?

Well let me tell you…….

There was a time when your favorite food wasn’t your favorite food. You didn’t know what it tasted like until you were coaxed by circumstances to go out of your usual routine to take a chance on the unknown. Maybe it was because you favorite restaurant ran out of the available ingredients to make your favorite dish or maybe because someone else was footing the bill and was in charge of what was being purchased at that meal.

Beggars aren’t choosers.

So you went along with it thinking that you were going to have to endure something that wouldn’t titillate you palette in the same manner of your usual culinary delight.

But lo and behold!

How wrong you were!

Upon that very first Heavenly life changing bite, your senses were flooded with a sensation, aroma and flavor of something so delicious over and above what you considered to be your previous indulgence of choice to quickly understand that THIS was now what you would consider to be your favorite menu preference forever more!

…….and you didn’t even finish chewing that first bite and you knew!

Just like the drug called crack cocaine.

An instant addiction to say the least, except with crack, it is not a good thing at all to ever touch! It’s too late to say that because some of you reading these words have found out the hard way. Stay clean and leave that stuff alone, life is already quite a challenge and an obstacle course without it!

The frivolous trappings of this life can be just like that first bite of your future favorite food or that first drag of a destructive demonic drug but it pales in comparison to the higher levels of nirvana that come from the beginnings of your awareness as a spirit body amongst the poor souls who languish in the material and the physical.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the physical. I love the sensual. For it is a gift from our Creator yet with all gifts there comes a time when we must cease to revel in its magic and look beyond to climbing higher in our walk than ever before.

Think I’m gassing you up about this?

Then how would you feel if I re-wrapped an old Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah present that you received when you were eight years old and presented it to you now?

It wouldn’t have the same effect on you as it did when you were a child and you most likely would be disappointed and a bit angry that I had you all excited as you removed the wrapping to see some old out of date toy that couldn’t compare to what they have today or even what you would want now in this junction point of your life.

You see where I’m coming from?

So the same old gifts of eating, sleeping, orgasm and the release of going to the bathroom just won’t cut it anymore when you have tasted the NEW favorite food of spiritual awareness on a higher plane.

…….and from that standpoint I speak to you tonight to tell you that I am in the euphoric state of a pre-death that makes me see how trivial the earthly indulges are as they do not grab me as they did when I was a much younger man.

Walking about the earth amongst the heathen-minded can be quite entertaining to say the least.

It’s like watching the nature channel on a lazy Sunday afternoon after being up all night on a Saturday night.

You see these animals fighting for the basic needs in their particular part of the world as if their life depended on it because it does. And you see all types of basic schemes and tactics go on just to get that last morsel of food even if that next serving of dietary sustenance is the next animal who happens to be close by unknowingly in the scope of a hungry predator who is a bit higher up on the food chain.

At least they have an excuse for what they do because they don’t have an available fast food take out joint to knock their hunger down.


But what excuse do we have as the highest beings made by God to walk the earth? Why do we carry on the way that we do in abandoning our senses and dormant ability to think in a manner that is an amazement within itself yet we  never challenge ourselves to exist on a higher plane than the animals out in the wild?

You see these people who resemble animals fighting for the material goods and the perceived status of this world as if their life depended on it and it’s sad because it doesn’t! And you see all types of basic schemes and tactics go on just to get that last item or trinket even if it means doing in their fellow man who happens to be in need of something on a higher level that they could never see because they have become predators without souls!

They don’t understand that once you have abandoned your designated righteous earthly walk you have become nothing more than demon who is walking the earth in human form. In essence you are on the bottom of the spiritual food chain and it shows.

So for those of us like myself who happen to be walking in the flesh yet on an entirely different level, it is so easy to spot the intentions of others without even having them open up their mouth to even state it. It’s a knowing feel, and the funny part is that those spiritual bottom feeders know when they have been spotted for who they are, they begin to get very uncomfortable in your presence and cannot hold any eye contact with you for any substantial amount of time.

It’s the same way in the animal kingdom, they depend on their senses more so to guide them through that dangerous jungle and we should too, because there are all types of entities lurking about with some unwholesome intentions festering within their soul.

So when I see this mess that we are in on this planet, while I want to live a long full healthy life I can see why I don’t see death as anything to be fearful of. Because if its bad on this earth with the spiritual wickedness that I can see so clearly, then don’t pray for those who have passed on, pray for those who are still stuck down here on this earth because THEY are the ones who have made this place something so far away from God’s original plan…….

…….and what might THAT be you ask?

…….that it’s a living hell down here on this place called earth!

Like I said before, I’ve begun this transition called death and it feels so good.

Like a stressed hourly worker who is truly looking forward to leaving their place of employ, I will not miss this place when I am gone and won’t look back when I do! So the next time that someone tells you to go to hell just let them know that you are already in it!



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