J-Jon’s “Criminals Of Permission” Puts Police Brutality On Blast!

J-Jon and his viral song “Criminals Of Permission” is probably the hardest throwback style lyrically relevant artistry out now that reflects the times dead on.

This was forwarded to me this morning and I have to say that I was pleased that an artist would address what is happening to us everyday in the streets of America and the world.

The list is endless the story of our senseless killings and go back hundreds of years ever since the stolen Black man touched down on these to be the target in this sick American tradition.

It’s endless alright, but the more recent manifestations of this death ritual come to us in the killings of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Ezell Ford and John Crawford III.

Instead of these rappers who bow down and avoid using their powerful platform for social change in their music to have a better shot at garnering a huge record deal with a major recording company, J-Jon needs to be applauded for his efforts to speak the much needed authentic truth.

This is the beauty of creating independent content that cannot be controlled by the powers that be in the music industry.

The masses of music lovers should really examine the material that they’re placing into their subconscious minds because those who control the music industry also control the minds of those who absorb their tainted offerings.

I find it so ironic that at a time when their should be an uprising and revolution across many fronts, the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams is pushed hard over the airwaves as an attempt to diminish the righteous anger that would motivate the downtrodden unify for a movement that is long overdue.

Help me on this people, but I remember hearing somewhere that when Satan was in Heaven before getting tossed out, he was in charge of music and was very good at what he did.

So is it a surprise if this is the truth that music today is so influential in a manner to inspire our feelings in an engineer manner regardless of the harsh realities that we are living in?

Eric Garner; Michael Brown; Ezell Ford; John Crawford III

It’s true, I witnessed this personally the other day while waiting for the stoplight to change, walking across the street right in front of me with their obviously drug addicted Mother were three hungry looking little boys who wore really dirty clothes.

I really felt bad for them as you can see by their sunken faces that they were malnourished and that feeding them really wasn’t a priority for their Mother who literally licked her tongue out at me in a manner to let me know what she could do for me unbeknownst to her children who were struggling to keep up about ten feet behind her.

Well, what made this quickly observed scenario even sadder was that I heard one of her boys ask when they could get something to eat as she started to sing the “Happy” song out of her obviously being high and probably somehow catching a “hit” of crack not too long ago.

While I’m not blaming the song on her neglect of her children – who she should NOT have custody of – nonetheless this type of euphoric engineered music will will definitely have a brain altering mind numbing effect on all who listen.

So the satanic mind manipulators in high places have wickedly crafted their toxic music to make our lives life imitate THEIR art instead of OUR art to imitate our lives as it should be!

J-Jon’s song is a step in the right direction and while I’m not suggesting that we cannot have some feel good music for us to enjoy when the rough times come our way, let it be something that was created by our OWN hands and NOT a song carefully manufactured to keep us in a Prozac-like zone while our communities go to hell.

Yes, Police Brutality, Murder of innocent people and criminality are at an all time high and instead of plunging our heads into the sand to avoid dealing with this emerging Police State and surrounding issues, we need to follow the lead of J-Jon and call it out for what it is!

Great job my Soldier Brother!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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