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On November 6, 2014, Cinque ‘Q’ DJahspora was murdered by Jackson, Tennessee police. Eyewitness account confirms that he was shot in the back, from a distance, while he lay on the ground.

Making this no less than an execution style killing by police acting as judge, jury and executioner. Making 20 year-old ‘Q’ yet another victim of the terror unleashed on Black males and the African American community in general.

It is critical that we insist on justice and demonstrate that this–and all–Black Lives Matter. Justice for ‘Q’ is justice for all of us. It demands full accountability, meaning in this case prosecution, conviction and punishment consistent with the crime.

We call for criminal indictment and prosecution of Jackson, Tennessee police involved in the murder of Cinque ‘Q’ DJahspora; Criminal indictment and prosecution of all involved in the cover up of his murder and related obstruction of justice.

Please share these links below and reach out to connect with this very important movement in getting justice for Cinque ‘Q’ DJahspora!

Facebook: El DJah

Tumblr: Q4Justice


Phone: 219 314 5053

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  • Jss Pss says:

    Right now there’s a white supremacy uprising …. we have a black family in the Whitehouse, black men are messing with white women in crazy numbers (“white genocide”), black people are becoming more educated and empowered, white youth are more likely to embrace diversity. The white supremacy community are threatened so they doing work, get into it.

  • Vecha302 says:

    When I heard of this news….I thanked God he was arrested. Tired of this Bullshit. Police officers need to wear uniform portable cameras.

  • Our Mackey And Dottie Show says:

    What is going on? Is there serial killers wearing police uniforms? This is totally ungodly. Satanic. Even Demonic. These police officers are literally committing human sacrifice “legally”

  • elihu el says:

    Jackson Tennessee Police Involved In Murder Coverup Of Young Black Man! …:

  • MightyLawns T.V. says:

    And here he is….. Ladies and gent’s,…. Its none other than the man with the most realest knowledge on YouTube, critically acclaimed, realest doing this YouTube thang, my brother from another mother, the boss, the Patron…. He is Dr.Lance!

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