Independence is a thing that too may Jamaican’s feel that they already have when in fact they are even more corralled into a deeper state of dependence on that entity that they refer to as the Queen of England than ever before.

Sister T and Mrs. Scurv a.k.a. LilyFiyah go in deep in an uncensored conversation that EVERY AFRIKAN WORLDWIDE need to hear because even though this conversation speaks on what is happening in Jamaica, the U.K. and America, it is relevant to every melanated individual no matter WHERE they reside because the system of White Supremacy works the same with the exact same endgame in mind and that is the total destruction of the Black Afrikan race off of the entire planet!

We invite ALL who possess that revolutionary spirit to join into the conversations that we specialize on this platform. It is a MUST that we engage in this grassroots dialogue that deal with OUR issues without any hold-back no matter who likes it or not! Too many of us seek to include others in our movement when in fact those same beasts who smile in our face and enjoy the so called benefits of White Supremacy don’t give a damn about our struggle unless it’s to infiltrate what we are planning to do so they can run back and plan against anything that will bring us true independence from their oppressive grip!

Please share your perspectives below in the comment section and do reach out to Brother Lance to set up a time where you can share what you’ve experienced under this system and the solutions that we can vibe on to keep us motivate us as we seek to rise up out of the trenches of a war that too many refuse to acknowledge. It is time to make the change NOW and even if it is a few then let us join and show the others what we are really all about through ACTION and hopefully they will catch the fiery spirit of our mighty ancestors to leave the decadence of the oppressor as well as his wicked world alone!

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