Many Jamaicans who have left their place of birth would never consider even going back to live as though it’s a giant step back when compared to the life that they are now living in the United States, the United Kingdom or some other country that they may feel gives them a giant step up in the quality of their lives.

On the other hand there are just as many transplanted Jamaicans that feel the opposite and can’t wait to get back home to “yard” where in their opinion the living is easy, laid back and not as crazed as the greedy money hungry status driven society that doesn’t allow them to enjoy even a moment to breath due to the endless work schedule that demands that they grind 24 hours a day simply to make ends met!

I believe that each individual should make up their own mind as to what is the ideal life for them but no one should ever put down the place that gave them their start! I would love to hear what everyone’s opinion is on this even if you are not from Jamaica because I’ve heard this same argument when people from other countries around the world state that they would never return back to their homeland. LET THE COMMENTS FLOW!

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