Today, we are going to talk about Jamaica. And I would truly appreciate tonight the interaction with our Jamaican audience. Because you live or have lived over there. Therefore, you would be more knowledgeable, and your input would bring some insight to our debate tonight.

·       But before I begin, I would like to ask the audience what they feel we do here. Because based on my university conservative values, my debates may be radical. I know that they are watching because I’ve been experiencing hostility towards me even though I haven’t even started going to class yet. And ironically, I am experiencing this from black Karens.

And by the time I will be graduating from Barry University, I will owe $165,000 that Barry University will absolutely not, in any shape or form, help me paying it. School hasn’t even started and already I am being called unprofessional; I am being told that I am violating policies and regulations while you devils are making money off of me. See, I don’t walk around, calling people devils. It is just your behavior is nothing else but demonic. Because if you didn’t cash your check, you would have not been speaking to me. There is a word for what you are doing devil, and it is called indoctrination or conditioning. And you are really barking at the wrong fucking tree if you think you will try that shit with me.

It was simply offensive that you people believed that you could treat me like an imbecile, a dimwit that you can snob and talk down to while cashing your check on my account? What else do you want me to call you but a fucking devil. And the reason I intimidate you is because I don’t just talk. Talking won’t do anything. Protesting, rioting will not end 500 years of oppression and discrimination. It is radical action that forces change. Revolution is coming and you cannot stop the Revolution.

·       And I have to ask you, the audience, today, based on your morals and sense of ethics, is it radical to be angry as a black person? Is it radical for us to carry 500 years of anger and frustration in our hearts? Is it radical to acknowledge that for 500 years, your ancestors have been persecuted, hunted like animals, stacked like sardines in the filthiest condition, tortured, raped, beaten, and torn from their own offspring to be sold off as slaves? Is it radical to set your boundaries to a world who thrives only in your own destruction? Is it radical to believe that the only way we will feel safe is to separate ourselves from a world that is hostile towards our own kind? Anger is good because that is all this world have left us with. Anger is good.

·       And to introduce the subject of Jamaica. We are going to start by citing the prayer of Boukman that led the Haitian Revolution in Bois Caiman, Ayiti. Boukman, who’s true name we shall never know, was claimed to have been born in Senegambia and sold in Jamaica to a slave master called Dutty. The Man of the Book was a pious Muslim who refused to relinquish his Quran to the slave master. And because of that, he was tied up and the Quran was burnt on his chest by the slave master and that was since then that Muslim was known as the Man of the Book: Boukman Dutty.

This is where white folks fucked up: Once Boukman arrived in Saint Domingue, the French assigned the rebellious Man of the Book as the Commander of slaves, the slave driver. And that is how the Man of the Book converted from Islam to Vodou and became the spiritual leader of the Haitian Revolution. He became a Samba. That is why, on the night of August 14, 1791, in the Ceremony of Bwa Kaiman, a pig was sacrificed to the gods to appeal to their assistance and protection. And as they proceed with the ceremony, Boukman said:

“The God who created the earth, who created the sun that gives us light.

Bondie ki fè la tè, Ki fè soley ki klere nou.

The god who holds up the ocean, who makes the thunder roar

Bondie ki soulve lanmè. Ki fè loray gronde.

God who has ears to hear; You who are hidden in the clouds; who watches over us from where you are.

Bondie nou ki gen zorey pou li tande. Ou mem ki nan siel la, kache nan nwaj yo ; Ki ap observe nou kote ou ye a.

You see all that the white man has made us suffer.

Ou wè tout sa blan fè nou sibi.

The white man’s god asks him to commit crimes. But the god within us wants to do good. Our god, who is so good, and so just, He orders us to revenge the wrongs the white man has done to us.

Bondie blan mande li pou li komet krim. Men Bondie pa nou ki andedan kè nou vle ke nou fè sa ki jis. Bondie pa nou, li tèlman bon, li telman jis, ke li ban nou lòd pou nous vanje nou sou tout blan ki te maltrete nou, tout blan ki te fe nou tò.

It is He who will direct our arms and bring us to victory. It is He who will assist us.

Se li kap gide bra nou pou nou mennen nou nan la viktwa. Se li ki pwal ban nou asistans.

We should all throw away the image of the white men’s god who is so pitiless. And listen to the voice of liberty that speaks in all our hearts.”

Se pou nou tout jete imaj bondie blan ki san pitie. E pi pou nou koute vwa libète a kape pale an dedan nou.

Why am I reading this to you? It is because the history of Jamaica and the legacy of the maroons of Cockpit Country have been under attack by American Imperialism, under the guise of Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners. For years now, Noranda has been eyeballing Cockpit Country, a rain forest located on the Northwest side of the Jamaican Island. Cockpit Country, which has a spiritual and historical values to islanders, provides 40% of Western Jamaica natural fresh water. And Noranda Jamaica Bauxite has been exploiting the island and dumping toxic waste near St Anne since 1959. Aluminum, which is extracted from the Bauxite ore, have been discovered in Jamaica in 1957. And since then, Jamaica has been exporting the refine product to the United States. Although the Jamaican government owns 51% share of the company, Noranda Jamaica Bauxite Partners is an American company that has been exclusively exporting Aluminum from Jamaica.

Locals, mainly the Maroons of Cockpit Country, led by Colonel Richard Currie, who’s attracting tension and popularity on social media, have been fighting the invasion of Noranda. The issue is if Noranda gets to mine Bauxite ores in the outskirt of Cockpit Country, there will be a possibility that the water supply of Western Jamaica be contaminated as well.

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