Jay-Z: Is He Correct About What Hip Hop Has Done For Race Relations? – The LanceScurv Show

When Jay-Z speaks, it seems as though the world listens.

…….or at least countless magazines, periodicals, gossip sites and scribes appear to do so.

He recently shared his thoughts on the effect of Hip Hop Music and Culture with our hungry ears – on Oprah Winfrey’s latest episode of Master Class – and what he had to say was very interesting:

“I think that hip hop has done more for cultural relations than most cultural icons. And I say save Martin Luther King because his ‘Dream’ speech we realized and President Obama got elected, but the impact of the music, this music didn’t only influence kids from urban areas; it influenced people around the world. People listen to this music all around the world and took to this music.”

Now even though the conspiracy theorists – for which I happen to be one on a little more than a part time basis – have deemed him to be a devil worshiping Illuminati spokesperson hellbent on taking over the minds of the masses who love his music to slowly change them into mindless zombies for the New World Order, what he said very much had a ring of truth to it.

Now the question is, why is he speaking on race relations now in such an around about way?

Sure, he is no one’s leader (Not even his wife Beyonce, who probably has him spitting unintelligible rhymes when indulging in the “nasty” in the Carter bedroom), he does have a huge circle of influence over those who have adored him over the years and it will be very interesting to see how the old school activists receive his words as they have more of a bond with the civil rights icons of years gone by.

But really, like I said in this video, is there any way to measure how effective an art form is over an actual leader who had a movement behind them?

We’ll probably never really be able to gauge it, but if it’s something that can bring us all together on a totally different plane, who really cares HOW it’s done as long as we all get closer to that glorified “Kumbayah” moment!

I guess it’s better to spit a rhyme to bring a smile on one’s face than spitting some slime on someone because of the color of their face!

Yeah, I tried to rhyme but it’s evident that a Jay-Z I will never be so I’ll stick to drawing pictures and writing blogs…….

God bless you and leave your opinions and perspectives in the comment area below.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,


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  • DRT5000 says:

    I listened to this one awhile back but forgot to comment on it. I think hip-hop has brought various races of people together, but much like marijuana, only primarily within the specific social contexts of that particular setting.

  • Dolla Phat says:

    Jayz, beyonce, oprah, obama, and a lot of others that made it will never, cant wont do anything for the people in this country. Ever. They dont give a dam they’ll see us on they’re way down tho. That’s for sure

  • nukeman444 says:

    I use the same Android alarm Lance haha! This article is very interesting.

  • nukeman444 says:

    I use the same Android alarm Lance haha! This article is very interesting.

  • missgirlegirl1 says:

    We’ve been partying with white people for a long time, they just steel our music, culture and swag and then grow older and shoot us in the street. T.I. and the rapper who sold out to Eiminem (spelling) and the white girl rapper. They the white rapper’s will go down in history as main players in the hip hop community. They may even say in the history books that they started rapping.

  • A Charles says:

    good video Lance

  • Prince G-MO says:

    This isn’t even a conversation.Remove hip hop from ever existing and ask where wud we be?

  • Ria Nag says:

    Hip Hop hasn’t done much to really help the situation of black folks————–and Jay Z may know is, but, see, black folks equate being “accepted” by white folks to run and throw a ball, entertain and make money as racism being “over” when it’s not————in fact, according to Dr. Claude Andersen, the situation of blacks as a whole, has not improved even though slavery ended a little bit over 100 years ago. Jay Z is just a slave by another name him, and his wife aren’t going to do anything deliberately to lose their fame, money or even their life. Lance, you are right——what black entertainers and athletics are getting are indeed CRUMBS, but you can’t tell black folks nothing…..many of blacks are thirsty for money and simply to be accepted by whites AND be part of the society/culture they have created.

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