Jay-Z Helps Black People To Go To HELLary!

The first thing that I could say to myself when I found out that Hip Hop Mogul/Lyricist Jay-Z was lending his “I’m going to lead my blind young Black Super Predators to slaughter” services to Presidential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, was that no matter how rich and famous one might be, when it’s time to fulfill the inevitable duties that came with taking that oath to your master, you better jump when they say jump!

In other words, Jay-Z is a tiny minuscule pawn in a massive order and hidden hierarchy of world power that the vast majority of the masses have not even a clue that they exist.

But many are shocked that Jay-Z would even give Hillary Clinton the time of day because of the fact that “he is supposed to be one of us”, coming up the hard way from the streets of Brooklyn as a former Crack Dealer with a wealth of hidden talent and one who would fall under Hillary’s umbrella in being a Super-Predator. Not that I feel Jay-Z’s first plan of attack would be to rob anyone at gunpoint or physically mug them for some money in his earlier manifestation before he came to be the person that he is projected to be today. No, I believe that he is too cerebral an entity for that but at the core it does take a certain amount of unrighteous killer instinct to peddle poison to your own people knowing that there will be no happy ending after all is said and done.

This is my issue with him at the time of this writing…….

Why would you peddle the poison of Hillary Clinton to your people in the very attractive form of a free concert in Cleveland Ohio on November 4th 2016 designed to gain the vote of those who she cares not about as though in the end there will be a happy ending in our dealings with her?


Why are Black people so quick to consume the Kool-Aid when one of these politicians – White OR Black – arrive with a barrel of free goodies to distract our perpetually oppressed asses as they lead us to slaughter?

A concert Hillary? Are you serious?

What happened to addressing the very real conditions in the Black communities across this country? We as Black people should have learned by now that the powers that be will NEVER truly address our concerns because WE do not band together and demand – in a strong arm manner with our much sought after 1.1 Trillion dollars – that they address our needs or they won’t get the benefit of our hard earned cash plain and simple!

We got it all wrong! Who else marches? Asians? NO! Indians? NO!  European immigrants? NO! So why us when we can put our money together and build an empire out of the corpse of community ruins that has become merely a neighborhood ripe for the picking of exploitation?

There’s definitely a super sized portion of poison stirred into the Kool-Aid that Hillary seeks to feed us and the sugary sweet lyrics of Jay-Z is the perfect ingredient to mask the aftertaste of that toxic lethal dose of hypocritical White Liberal politics that has been a deterrent to any progress that we could have possibly made.


Yeah I said it! What have these damn Liberals done for us after the countless decades of Colgate Smiles, photo ops kissing Black babies after the church service and token gestures of a feigned love that leaves US in the same position as always while they retreat to their luxury zip codes to watch the evening news paint us as Super Predators day in and day out? Yet they play on that omnipresent White savior complex that too many of dysfunctional self hating Blacks possess in abundance thinking that we need THEM to save ourselves FROM ourselves!

The Black neighborHOOD’S – formerly our pre-Crack pre-Gentrified pre-HIV Black Communities – are like abandoned cadavers all but forgotten to the civilized world except to be swooped down on like a vulture to build the dreams of those Johnny CUM lately’s who’ve just arrived to pick our carcass to nurse themselves to an affluence that should have been ours long before they even knew how to pronounce A-M-E-R-I-C-A!

Hillary Clinton - Super Predators

So much is happening right in our faces and if the truth be told, NO ONE live Black body should attend that “FREE” Jay-Z concert in order to really make a statement to Hellary Clinton that we will not be shortchanged while so much more is demanded for the other non-Black communities when a politician arrives seeking their vote!

Do you think that they will settle for a free damn concert when REAL ISSUES are on the table?


Then why should we?

Understand that Jay-Z has been compromised as he is no more than a part “Marionette Puppet” part “Trojan Horse” whose Blackness is prostituted to one who will reciprocate the good fortunes to flow his way after donating large sums of money to Hellary under the radar. It’s not about a revolution for Jay-Z but it’s good business. Beyonce can do all of the formations that she wants but at the end of the day “THAT ONE” to whom they BOTH support politically as the power couple that we thought they were will only have us as the downtrodden despised people of this so called nation in FORMATION as we march in step and in perfect order straight to the very profitable prisons as the Super Predators they portray us to be.

The Bottom Line: Jay-Z sold us out and does not represent us but the affluent inner circle that he has earned his way into because he was too eager to not only sell HIS soul but to bring Black people to Hell-ary right along with him!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Brother,



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