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It’s absolutely no secret that Queen Jazzy is not delusional about life and is brutally honest when it comes to speaking on the experiences that she’s had, as a matter of fact one can depend on her to always speak the truth no matter how it affects the listener.

I’ve learned that when one can face every aspect of ones life dead on with no shame then no one can bring up your past in an attempt to embarrass, control or manipulate you to any degree whatsoever.

This is why I believe that Queen Jazzy possesses a spiritual stride so strong after walking through the challenging realities that would exhaust the life essence of the mightiest of human beings.

So tonight I was honored to enjoy a titillating dialogue with this most compelling woman who shares her most captivating tales from her life dealing the dark underbelly of a society that most do not get the chance to explore as she exposes the twisted perverse ways of the White men who have crossed her path.

This is a rapid fire adult conversation so buckle your seat belts and prepare to enjoy a cerebral ride where the only thing that will irk you about this presentation is the moment that you realize that it’s coming to an end!

Do enjoy it and do know that there is always more to come!

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