Jazzy Rips Up Arizona HoodRatz! – The LanceScurv Show

Jazzy rips up the Arizona Hoodratz.

Nobody does it like she does.

She spouts her verbal assault with a pin point precision and a rapid fire succession of seemingly never ending revelations into the character flaws of those who have foolishly chosen to cross her in an insulting manner.

Jazzy is the classic case of someone that you DON’T want to get into an argument with…….

Her persona is born out of that rare breed that has historically been around as long as there have been Black Folks on the planet.

…….and that means just about forever!

But let’s talk about this thing that Jazzy does so well…….

Hood Rats

Whether you call it getting cursed out, straightening or playing the doubles, it’s all the same old fine art of “reading” someone in the most raw manner.

In the Black Community we seem to do it the best, it’s that ability to tell a person off and shut them down with no mercy.

Whatever prior arrogance that they possessed before their verbal beat-down, they no longer have and now move about the world like a deflated balloon.

Effectively ripping up someone with your words alone will garner you the same level of admiration as one who wears the Heavyweight Boxing Championship Belt around their waistline.

You will be feared and beloved at the same time and your classic verbal battles will be what legends are made of.

When the words fly, traffic stops dead in its tracks.

When the insults flare, venetian blinds will be overworked and put to the test in their durability. Heck, it’s easy to tell a neighborhood that has a lot of drama in it because the venetian blinds are all raggedy looking!

But don’t get it twisted, telling someone off effectively while breaking them down to the bottom of the dark abyss of nothingness will leave them to never being the same ever again.

For they have been beheaded!

So sit back and enjoy the unique “take no prisoners” style of “Crazy Ass Jennell” a.k.a. Jazzy!

You have been warned…….

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  • jennell lewis says:

    Check out part 2 ..I DONT HOLD A DAMN THING BACK..

  • jennell lewis says:

    Check out part 2 ..I DONT HOLD A DAMN THING BACK..

  • Raquel Childs says:


  • Melvin Keelen says:

    I have felt the same exact way she felt when I was living out there in
    Georgia (not Atlanta they cool) after Katrina,I was staying in Covington
    and Conyers and boy they are a bunch of Coons in those places.

  • K. Halli says:

    My cousin JT from Gary IN is there in Arizona he’s a dope rapper too!

  • jennell lewis says:

    Check out part 2 ..I DONT HOLD A DAMN THING BACK..

  • >