Jermaine Jackson – The Cold Hearted Madame Tussauds Wax Figure Of A Man Who Refuses To Pay Up His Child Support!

I would love to see what Jermaine Jackson would look like if he were to spend 20 days in jail as the punishment for not paying the $12,000 dollars in Child Support arrears that he owes.

The Mother of 13 year old Jermajesty and 17 year old Jaafa, Alejandra Jackson, has been trying to obtain this money for their children with absolutely no success.

Oh! My bad! I forgot to mention that he only paid back a whopping 85 dollars toward the balance! Way to go Jermaine!
But what gets me is that Jermaine purchased a Ferrari for 160,000 last month and calls himself a Muslim yet he cannot provide for his children in what is mere pennies compared to the lavish spending that is evident that he indulges in.

What gives Waxman?

I can really see why Michael distanced himself from most of his family as well as Janet because they seem to be a bunch of twisted dysfunctional weirdos! Now I’m not calling everyone in their family that, the kids are innocent as well as the post Jackson 5 set. But what upbringing did he have to be able to be as brazen enough to make such a purchase knowing that that money that he owed could have been easily paid when comparing it to a damn Ferrari?

Jermaine Graphic

I know that there is a whole lot more to this story than meets the eye especially when dealing with relationships that have dissolved, children, money, power trips and egos, but what Jermaine did as far as I can see was that he was thumbing his nose at his ex and was trying to prove a point!

Would somebody tell this fool that his somewhat faded and now severely damaged celebrity status won’t keep him out of jail?

Jermaine Jackson
Especially since the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department filed papers to ask that Jermaine be held in contempt of court, this could get him those 20 days in the slammer with NO hair gel.

It’s also evident that he has some personal with his appearance, and to make it official YES I AM ragging him after hearing of this unnecessary and childish travesty!

We all have asked the question in hush hush whispers but no one has come out and said it – What in the heck is up with Jermaine Jackson’s hair? What’s up with the “wax figure” appearance that he displays every time he’s in the public eye?

Madame Tussaud is one day going to have a tough time duplicating the appearance of a living breathing wax figure instead of the heartless man who would have the hardheartedness enough to NOT take care of his own children. And if one day Jermaine’s likeness DOES end up being in the Wax figure lineup then let it be known that he is the ultimate poster boy for the phenomenon of the Deadbeat Dad!

What’s sad is that even a dead cold lifeless wax figure has more of a heart than Jermaine Jackson.

Michael Jackson Wax Figure Madame Tussauds Museum

With so many good people out here in the world going through some very unfortunate situations it’s a shame that a man who has been blessed with so much over the course of his entire life can cause a great frustration and pain to his kids in such a public way.

I would hate to say that I can’t find anything good to say about Jermaine Jackson but if pressed I would say that I don’t wish him the best.

Lock his dumb ass up…….

Jermaine Jackson Gas Station

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Pissed Off Brother,



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