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Today we have the pleasure of speaking with the multitalented author, Jessica Bordelon; she’s an actor, playwright, director, poet, activist and educator who has released a much needed book that will surely help many men who need guidance in the relationship department titled; How To Make A Modern Woman Act Like A Traditional Lady.

“Taking the confusion that women are, and making them perfectly simple to understand. The “How to” guide that gives the power to men in their search for a good woman. It starts by showing you how to see crazy & how to find good. Then gives you all the secrets, like “the Bible of Moodiness,” how to flip the tables on her in the bedroom and much more”

Listen in to our high energy conversation and make sure to pick up a copy of this compelling guide that dares to speak on the issues that many of us have but are sometimes too overwhelmed to address! Your liberating manual has arrived!

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