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Canadian Global News Anchor/Reporter Elysia Bryan-Baynes gave me the honor of sharing her perspectives on the bizarre parallels in both the Jian Ghomeshi & Bill Cosby allegations that have increased the need for those who are the victims of sexual assault and abuse to speak out without the fear of retribution or harm.

The wildly popular Jian Ghomeshi is a radio and television host who began his career as a vocalist and drummer in the folk-pop band Moxy Fruvous.

Many women have come forward to state that Jian had lured them to his home or somewhere secluded and assaulted them sexually or just assaulted them by punching them with a closed fist without any provocation!

Deadly Teddy Bears Bill Cosby & Jian Ghomeshi

Like in the case of Bill Cosby, Jian’s behavior was an open secret with the difference being that several of Mr. Cosby’s accusers claiming that he drugged them or propositioned them aggressively without any apparent violent attacks as in the case of Jian Ghomeshi.

But these two manifestations of criminal celebrity behavior illustrates how far one can go in decadence while lurking under the cloak of fame as fans believe the imagery of the projected illusion over what may be a monster hiding behind a facade that has nothing to do with reality.

These entities thrive on the silence of those who are intimidated or in denial as a defense mechanism that allows the abuser the elbow room to operate and move on to the next victim unchallenged.

The reassuring words must get out that it is not okay to remain silent about your abuser and to express the pain endured to the world in order to release its toxic grip from choking off your precious life.

Elysia Bryan-Baynes  broke it all down in this brief conversation and I welcome you all to listen in to gain some strength in a situation where you are definitely not alone.

Please leave your thoughts, perspectives and opinions in the comment area below. God bless you always!

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