Jim Crow Or The Puppet Master: Who Is Leading Whom In Our Struggle For Life? – The Red Carpet

Jim Crow Or The Puppet Master: Who Is Leading Whom In Our Struggle For Life?

Dr. Ramona Brockett breaks down the unrest and outrage in Baltimore Maryland, the emergence of Loretta Lynch and the Michael Eric Dyson – Cornell West feud!

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  • Andre Patterson says:

    Good Morning Brother Lance and Dr. Brockett. I always find your interviews on the “Red Carpet” to be very insightful. I was born and raised in Washington, D.C., but since I could not afford a house in D.C., I moved to Maryland (Southern Maryland). I commute to D.C. to work Mon-Fri–so my daily commuting time is 3hrs. When you mention how the culture is in Maryland, I was not offended. Many others I know share the same experience of gentrification, and marginalization. This region flourish with jobs, particularly fed gov, so that may be the reason why Maryland feel more privileged than a (Missouri, S.C., Florida, etc.). I’m also happy that the people in Baltimore have stepped up, and now the world get to hear their voices. Lance, your media is very important, we must stay informed and not be controlled by mainstream propaganda.Question: Will you ever have an episode (Interview) on what’s happening with HBCUs? There are many talks out here with different messages, but what is the truth?? What’s the Presidents’ position? Will they survive after this administration?Have a wonderful day! Thanks again for your wisdom and insight.

  • FootPrintsUC says:

    Many of our Elders have said for a very long time now: “If you don’t know where your going. Any road will get you there”. “Deep Integrity must trump cheap popularity” ~~Dr Cornel West to Dr Michael E Dyson * May our understanding grow in in strenghth unwavering. . . just gno that “When the “economic recovery” increases income inequality, what or who matters in community development”? ~Milena Zelaya

  • Dr. Ramona Brockett says:

    I could not agree with you more, Mr. Englewood! Much has been overlooked when it comes to the rights that have been taken from us as a people by the present administration. Moreover, as Dr. West stated, we are being lead by folk who look like “me,” but do the bidding of the status quo who are against folk who look like “me.” Hence, the restrictions placed on our right to vote. Please look for further discussions on this appointment and its impact on the 2016 elections. Thank you for stimulating our discussion by further intellectualizing our discourse on “The Red Carpet.”

  • MrEnglewood78 says:

    Pt2. I do agree we should protect our women no doubt, but just speaking on the political appointments, we really have to ensure we are holding those accountable just like we would if they were white. Blacks didn’t become outraged when all those school closings happened under the Obama administration, had that been anyone else, jackson, sharpton,Dyson, and everyone else would have been marching, writing books etc.. Once Obama leaves, I don’t ever want to hear neither one of those guys I forementioned criticize no other president, I don’t care what he or she does. Now watch all these women jump on hillary Clintons bandwagon just because she’s a woman, many black women as well. Black people didn’t hold Obama accountable, now look what that got us. Both black men and women are desired by the white, Hispanic, asian, supremacist to disappear from Earth, black people better wake up.

  • MrEnglewood78 says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with loretta lynch being a woman and not celebrated, maybe people see her as nothing but a corporate crony. Not only did loretta lynch shield HSBC during investigations, she also helped negotiate the DOJ settlement with Citigroup, one of the main entities that packaged and sold fraudulent mortgages that affected blacks tremendously. Loretta also worked for a N.Y. Firm Cahill Rendall, who represented many of the banks Citigroup etc.. Loretta lynch was appointed “white collar crime specialist,” which she protected money launders, and other criminals instead of persecuting them. Maybe just maybe it has nothing to do with her being a woman, maybe some people not falling for the okie doke, and see her as nothing more than another black face that advanced white corporate greed. Her being a black woman isn’t the issue, her being another tool is. Maybe people need to research her history of protecting those “white collar” criminals.

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