Just Another Late Night LanceScurv Rant! (3/9/2014 @ 4:00 A.M.)

Just A Late Night LanceScurv Rant:

Many individuals who know me only as an online personality do not know the mental toughness that I’ve accrued over the years through personal trials and tribulations as well as the great individuals who have fashioned me into what I’ve become simply by my close proximity to them.

May all praises go up to our God and the grace and protection that He has blessed me with in the more more foolish and reckless periods of my youthful foolishness.

Thank you God for my Parents (Lance & Ocie Mae Scurvin) who have granted me with one of the most wonderful childhoods one could ever imagine as well as the exposure that they provided to me by showing me the world and the many diverse cultures and people face to face up close and personal.

This is why I’m built for this.

Ocie Johnson - Scurvin

Also, I must give major props to a man to whom I’ve always looked up to from when I was a young teen back in 1979 in the form of the Living Legend named Tyrone Weo Norfleet. Yes, THAT Tyrone! The one and only who many of you have befriended here on Facebook!

While he may not admit it, hes executed one of the longest top level Bodybuilding careers in the history of bodybuilding itself.

Don’t let his humble demeanor fool you, he is a straight competitive assassin who knows ALL the tricks in the BOOK! …….and do understand that I say this in a good way!

Tyrone Norfleet

But looking back in my years at Zinn’s Gym in Ridgewood, Queens New York, those precious times formed the backbone of the “Stick-It-To-It-Tive-Ness” that I cherish in my character today.

So for those who are here with me in this cyber experience, know that this is not a game for me and I do not compete here with anyone! I don’t have to, I have a standard so high in all that I do as it was evident as I proved my mental strength in the company of all time greats like Tyrone, Harold “Damon” Poole, Jose Guzman, Charles Thomas, Gene Lumumba, Leon Brown, John Lacobelli, Lamar Collins, Adrienne Foster (RIP), Dan Samuda, Juan Riviera (RIP), Kevin Clark, Joey Carrasquillo, Jean Laguerre and so many other countless people to whom I can call a friend and who I’ve spent countless years not only speaking on the finer techniques of diet and training, but on the gritty rules of life as I was mentored by them in addition to what my Parents provided all before I was even near the age of twenty.

Junior Robby Jenny

Now as I approach the age of 51, I can truly see what a blessing is was to have been exposed to these men and women who are the pioneers of what the world embraces so much now in the world of fitness and muscle building but more so, to be empowered to know how to beat down any challenge that stands before me in life thereafter.

If I am a real man I must give props where props are due!


So even though I may have won something called the Teenage Mr. America in 1982, it is NOTHING compared to the exposure that I received from these unsung champions who displayed to me on a daily basis what the meaning of hard work, sacrifice and discipline could do in a positive manner to ones life.

While I can also speak on the tragedies and flaws of some of these wonderful individuals, I won’t because through it all, they’ve accomplished more in an unseen manner than most here online will EVER see in their personal lives even with their personal Achilles heels that they had to walk with unbeknownst to the general public.

Ain’t nobody perfect but we all can improve! That being said, as I move into these uncharted waters of the upper middle ages, do know that I will carry the banner of integrity, raw truth, fearlessness, authenticity and always fighting the good fight in this arena that is infested with frauds, wannabees, pretenders, narcissists and attention freaks!

LanceScurv in New York City

The next level is soon here and I thank God for each and everyone of you who have added once again into my life on a positive level and to those snakes who lurk hidden in plain view, understand that the games you play are not new to me because I’ve been a winner for my entire life and do not need a damn keyboard, a Facebook page, Photoshop and an internet connection to shine as I have for the almost 51 years that I have been blessed to walk this earth!

And I say that with the utmost sincerity. LanceScurv has been fashioned on the killing fields of life for a very long time and have probably forgotten more than your copy and pasting asses can remember at this time!

So move over and maybe you’ll learn something, because no one lasts forever in this life and I have lots of relevant viewpoints to share.

I’m not trying to put anyone here down, but I “AIN’T” going to allow anyone from stopping me from rising up!

Try it and you’ll always symbolically end up picking up your teeth off the ground like bloody chicklets!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Very Eccentric & Creatively Insane Brother,


P.S: Tyrone, I may not be able to do deep lunges for 50 plus reps with 315 pounds on my back anymore like I used to back in 1982, but the spirit that we possess will NEVER DIE!

Tell ’em how we used to do it…….

LanceScurv Hammock

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Richard Lewis
Richard Lewis
March 3, 2016 8:15 AM

I know this is out of left field but my name is Rich Lewis and I used to train at Zinn’s Gym! I was doing a random search online for pics of the old Gym and came across your site. Hearing your words rang a bell of truth in my head – I was shaped by those guys until this day and some of the names brought back MEMORIES! I often saw things go down in that place that weren’t in the record books, weren’t in the magazines, and were not recorded ANYWHERE that I now of but that will stand the test of time and fashioned in the atmosphere of true hard work and humility. Some of the best physiques were never shown off, and the best lifts were just another day at the office. More importantly was the brotherhood – the camaraderie of the time and desire to help others without PAY. You helped others as you had been helped. I miss those days and those guys and the endless conversations. John Iacobelli was my mentor, as was Harold, and John Barnwell. Tommy Aybar and Steve were also a big influence on my work ethic. I am not sure if we crossed paths, and am now fuzzy on the years I was there! I have to think deeper now, but it is nice to hear from someone who LIVED it – so it is not all in my imagination…..

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