Just Ask Any Old Gold Digging Hoochie!

So much has been said about the term Gold-Digger and I believe that too many of us use the term improperly and some of us receive the word in the wrong manner and end up fighting over some other unhealed wound that this term has scratched off.

I recently made a YouTube video response to a young lady with the YouTube screen name MsKnight1122, she brought up many valid points that I happen to agree with but the one thing that she said that I didn’t agree with was that the term Gold-Digger should not be used in the year 2011. I understand why she said it and I can understand why many would agree with her, but one group of the dating diaspora who would never agree with her is the successful, single, mannerable, motivated, respectable and very much available man. He will NEVER say that the term Gold-Digger should be put away to rest! I mean, how can we put the term away when we have MULTITUDES of women (And men) who display the symptoms of being a 100% certified Grade A Gold-Digger? You see, many people are not in the position of that aforementioned man to understand what he goes through.

Take a veteran fisherman, he knows how to “read” the waters and take in the variables and make an educated assumption based on his years of experience fishing out to sea. But take an inexperienced person who doesn’t know diddly-squat about the first thing in catching those elusive fish and he will come back after an entire day of fishing oly to tell you that you should not go fishing in those waters because there are absolutely NO FISH there! But yet and still while this inexperienced buffoon makes his statements the experienced veteran fisherman drives past him with a truckload of fish that he caught from those very same waters! So it’s is a matter of perspective and positioning that one should speak.

But let me bite down into the meat of this topic and throw a few things out there to ponder in a free style manner. NO! Let me say it officially that you ALL know that I love women and am not a bitter man. I hold no malice or carry no baggage from the past involvements where I got used or taken for a ride because it has given me a tremendous insight and wisdom that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Again let me state that these words are NOT for the women who have a higher standard than the neighborhood hoochie who actually demands that her man must have achieved some measure of personal success on the most basic levels of having his own place, car, money and career/trade. I don’t believe that it’s too much to ask if this woman has achieved the same and doesn’t want to take care of a man who hasn’t shown the desire to pull himself up to be that desirable mate. Understood?


This is directed to the female (Notice that i didn’t say Lady, which I always spell with a capital “L”!) who has NO dreams, NO aspirations, NO plan of how to elevate her life ON HER OWN except to do so off of the sweat of a man who already has his own and is already in position! THAT’S the person to whom I direct these words to!

These women believe that all they have to do is to bring their lazy fat ass to the table and that is their surefire ticket to having the good life! And while some accomplished men are weak and will get taken for a ride by these types I find that when they run across a brother who knows the difference between a REAL LADY (Like yourself hopefully!) and a mere piece of ass then they want to get mad and say that you think that you are better than them and that you are stuck up!

No, we are not better than you but are choices are better as well as having a much busier schedule in the pursuit of making something positive happen!

But what good is a piece of ass if you can’t have a conversation about something that you find to be interesting? What good is a good old fashion big lipped Hoover vaccuum cleaner styled blowjob if after you CUM you want to GO because the head that gave you head ain’t got nothing IN that head to keep you around because that was the only activity on the menu that brought you there in the first place?

This can get very boring indeed, especially when you as a good man realize that there is an overabundance of new “ass” coming off of the assembly line every year fresh and out of the box for your enjoyment if you choose to go down that road. But from what I am hearing, while there are PLENTY of GOOD LAIDES doing GREAT THINGS there are also TOO MANY Gold-Digging women out here messing it up for the good Ladies because they masquerade as something that they are not and “clog up” the dating system with fraudulent goods!

These Gold-Diggers, who to me always have nothing going for them after a while are like that Christmas tree ornament that sits atop your life but is worthless after the holiday is over. She knows that she has a limited amount of time to get into your life so she will work very hard to bedazzle you with all of her tricks of the trade and might even try to impress YOU by taking you out to dinner or spending a little on you in the form of a small gift!

Don’t be impressed my friend!

Number one, you don’t need any gifts from a woman who appears to need the money for herself but you must understand in the bargain basement Gold-Digger’s mindset and mentality it is a matter of doing business as usual and in her mind is a small investment when compared to the payoff when she gets her name put on all of your bank accounts and when she can lay up in YOUR place while YOU are going out to work everyday as she schedules one hair appointment after another with the possibility of meeting the NEXT man who may be even MORE gullible and have much more than you! Don’t subsidize your own heartbreak with a Gold-Digger my friend! KEEP ‘EM MOVING!

Her “gifts” are probably something that wouldn’t impress you anyway and action therein would be comparable to that of a company attempting to “woo” new clients by raining on them lavish trips to convince them to set up long term lucrative contracts with them. It’s all about being opportunistic!

What cracks me up is when these low level leeches get older it is only then that they realize that their party days are over and want to repackage their old used up funky goods to the men that they never payed any mind to who were “below” their targeted catch. These hard working men who these Gold-Diggers ignored many years ago were the ones who had the dream and worked hard for what they have under the radar and in a non flashy way. They never wanted a woman who was “out there” and never craved what the world calls a high maintenance woman as their own.

All they wanted was a woman of God who has class and culture as well as some dreams of her own that they could join together righteously to build an empire that they will enjoy well into their twilight years. Isn’t that beautiful?

But here comes the aging Gold-Digger who realizes that she wasted so many years trying to hustle those few men around her but the expiration date on her physical gimmicks have well passed and she is on the verge of desperation because she never took the time to build her OWN empire while keeping a watchful eye open for her potential husband but not missing a beat on what she had to do for herself.

So now she is like a soldier who is sent to the battlefield for violent combat yet has absolutely no weapons from which to defend herself. This is why you see those old women in the club sitting in the shadows trying to hide her ever growing and very obvious imperfections when compared to the younger Gold-Diggers who are too foolish to see the handwriting on the wall and their eventual fate in the form of this aging seductress.

Well, maybe some old horny and lonely dude who has been recently widowed might come along and save the day. Or maybe a younger man might come along and appreciate how settled she is now that she can’t get around like she used to when she was the hottest thing walking.

There is hope but not much of it at all when you are a Gold-Digger whose time at the top of the charts has passed you by. The feeling that you get is the feeling that a formerly hot performer has when they watch the crowd slowly dispurse as they hit attempt to hit the high note that now seems increasely more difficult to reach like before. It’s a tired old song that most men who have built their empires alone don’t want to hear.

It’s reaping time now and we as good men want to reap with a woman who got down in the treaches with us to create what is so obvious to the world now. It’s shame that for those of us who have sacrificed our youth for a great retirement have to be pestered by the old Gold-Diggers who don’t have a pot to piss in or the health insurance to pay for a simple toothache. This life is short but it is even shorter when the sweetest part was tasted early on and there are no more cookies left in the tin to eat.

…….and you would think the younger ones would know better but who can tell them anything when they think what they have between their legs is better than anything that has been on this earth before. Yeah right. Keep thinking that. Just ask any old hoochie Gold-digger and she just might tell you different.

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